Lottery. Unfortunate, who won millions of

I think that not many visitors would refuse winning the lottery say a million dollars. Immediately upon scoring such amount starts the brain, which is trying to remember who it was possible to pay debts, borrow, or even help and connects the imagination, whose task is to come up with the most that neither is a brilliant plan expenditure of these funds. But in practice, very often the money "windfall" does not bring happiness to their owner and does not solve its problems. With a stroke of luck come only new concerns, fears, and even death.

"This is a gift from God for my good deeds and deep faith" — probably thought so Jack Whittaker, winning the lottery 315 million dollars in 2002. Judging by the events following it much mistaken. Some time later, he was arrested in the same year, his car was robbed, pulled from the portfolio of a half-million dollars, and a month later he was again taken into custody because of threats to the side of the bars bartender. The last event was the murder of his daughter and grandson in his own house.

Jeffrey Dampier — Strikingly handsome man, who won in 1986, 20 million dollars and started a shock to distribute money and bestow their loved ones. It turned out that some of this was not enough. His daughter, along with her lover stole it in 2005 and shot. Now miserable in heaven, and murderers in prison until the end of his days.

Billy Bob Harrell, the same deep faith to win the lottery in 1997, a resident of Texas, was the unhappy owner of 31 million dollars and Jeffrey Dampier handing out money right and left. Before his death, that is 20 months after the events of his life, he said to his financial power of attorney, that the ill-fated win was the most horrible event in his life. A few days later he committed suicide.

But there are people who have won the lottery huge sums of money repeatedly. Willie Hurt, who loved to answer the questions with the following phrase: "What Code of wealth for you? Personally for me — it's lucky numbers on the lottery ticket, "won the lottery in 1985, and 86 years and has received a total of 5.4 million dollars. Despite the desperate luck in the lottery, it was unthinkable is unfortunate and gambling at cards and roulette, where he squandered his fortune in a few years. Today she lives in a trailer, and hopes that fate will give her a third chance, and then she would not miss it for sure.
Something I highly doubt it …


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