LSZ Pella launched the pilot boat and tests of two tugs

June 1, carried Launching the head pilot boat "Sirius" Project PI-22, the draft of which used modern technical solutions to ensure its seaworthiness and high performance taking into account the peculiarities of operating in ice conditions.


In July of this year, the boat will take part in the IMDS-2013, where he will be transferred to the customer — "Rosmorport".


  • Delivery and removal of pilots to ships subject to pilotage
  • Pilotage services at waterways
  • Transportation Special personnel, passengers, cargo
  • Patrol and rescue operations
  • Tools and pleasure trips
Technical parameters:
LOA 22.0 m
Beam 5.9 m
Draft 1.8m
Speed 20 knots
Symbol Class KM (*) Ice 2 R2-RSN Aut3 HSC classification of RS
Main Engines 2h970 kW, Caterpillar C32


May 30 escort tug "MB-92" construction project number 503 PE-65, the first of a series of vessels of this project, being built for Russian Navy successfully passed factory tests and mooring for the factory ready for sea trials

The tug was launched on 24 July 2012.

Until the end of the year tug will be given to the contracting authority and commissioned in the Pacific Fleet.


  • Towing of ships and floating structures in the open sea and harbor waters
  • Escort operations at speeds up to 10 knots
  • Fighting fires in floating and onshore
  • Participation in oil spill response operations
  • Search and rescue operations
  • Breaking the ice thickness up to 0.8 m at a speed of up to 5 knots
Technical parameters:
LOA 34.4 m
Beam 12.1 m
Draft 4.4 m
Speed 13.5 knots
Tractive force at the hook 63 tons
Symbol Class KM (*) Arc4 R1 Aut1 FF3WS EscortTug classification of RS
Propulsion systems RMC US 255 FP firm Rolls-Royce, a fixed-pitch propeller nozzle
Power 2h1864 kW, 1600 r / min, Cat 3516B

Displacement tug at full load is 860 tons

Deck equipment:

  • Bow anchor-double-drum towing, mooring electro-hydraulic winch with escort services M 140-180-2T-1S-2B-FEH RED Fluidmecanica with the traction force of 20 tonnes and brake holding force of 1860 kN;
  • electro-hydraulic aft towing winch CHR-20-180-1T-1C-EA RED Fluidmecanica with a traction force of 20 tonnes and brake holding force of 1800 kN;
  • towing hook traction force 650 kN with the device quick returns;
  • cargo crane Fluidmecanica HLRM 45/5 S capacity of 19.5 kN to 13.5 m boom

For fire fighting tug equipped with external fire production of FFS (capacity 1500 m3 / h, 2 water and foam monitors, water curtains).


May 29 tugboat "RB-405" building project number 16609 624 successfully passed factory mooring and sea trials.

This year, the tug will be given the Russian Navy and commissioned in the Pacific Fleet.

The tug is designed for towing and berthing operations at the port, the roads and coastal areas, appropriate navigation area R2 (swimming in the sea areas with distance from shelter to 100 miles) of escort operations at speeds up to 10 knots, refloating of ships and the courts, fighting fires on floating objects and onshore facilities, participate in oil spill response operations, transportation of goods, ice breaking, as well as to participate in rescue and special operations.

Technical parameters:
LOA 28.5 m
Beam 9.5 m
Draft 4.3 m
Speed approx. 12 knots
Tractive force at the hook 47 tons
Symbol Class KM (*) Arc4 R2 Aut1 FF3 WS Tug on the classification of MS
Propulsion systems RMC 205 US firm Rolls-Royce, a fixed-pitch propeller nozzle
Power 2×1500 kW at 1600 r / min, Cat 3512B

Deck equipment:

  • bow anchors and tug-Fluidmecanica mooring winch with a pulling force of 10 tons and a holding force of 1383 kN on the brake;
  • towing hook SWL 47 tonnes with the device quick returns.

In tow as a tap — manipulator HM 6/3 S, Fluidmecanica, load capacity 910 kg boom 6m

For fire fighting vessel is equipped with an external fire fighting system of production of FFS (capacity 800 m3 / h, 2 water and foam monitors, water curtains).

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