LTZ received a certificate of conformity for a shunting locomotive TEM9


Successfully completed certification testing shunting locomotive TEM9 production of "Lyudinovskiy Diesel Locomotive Plant" (LTZ is a subsidiary of "Sinara-Transport Machines").
On the basis of the tests Federal State Institution "Certification register at the Federal Railway Transport" (RSFZHT FBU) has decided to issue a certificate of conformity for an experimental batch in an amount of sixty cars with the numbers 0013 on 0072 inclusive.

Certificate for shunting locomotive TEM9 confirms compliance with the locomotive of this series all the requirements for safety and allows its operation on 1520 mm gauge railways of Russia and CIS countries.

OJSC "Ekaterinburg — Transport Machines" — divisional holding company, which is part of ZAO Sinara Group. STM combines JSC "Ural Railway Engineering Plant" (UZZhM, Cverdlovskaya region), JSC "Lyudinovskiy Diesel Locomotive Plant" (LTZ, Kaluga region), LLC "Ural Diesel Engine Plant" (UDMZ, Ekaterinburg), Open Innovation Development Center STM (Ekaterinburg ), LLC "STM-service". Activities: locomotive, engineering, networking service.

JSC "Lyudinovskiy Locomotive Plant" is located in the town of Kaluga region Lyudinovo. The company was founded in 1745. Since 2007 is part of the holding company "Ekaterinburg — Transport Machines". The plant produces shunting locomotives with hydraulic transmission (Series TGM4B, TGM6D) and power (series TEM7, TEM9). Rail technology is designed to perform shunting and export work at mainline railway stations and industrial plants.

Shunting locomotive TEM9 produced by JSC "Plant" has since 2009. Designed for shunting hump-export and work on the railways of 1520 mm, and in the ways of industrial enterprises.

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