Lubyanka. The Collector’s Edition watch online

Lubyanka.  The Collector's Edition watch online
The basis for this documentary television series have unique materials from a variety of secret archives, which were pulled from the secrecy specially commissioned by the KGB. Mass of exclusive and fascinating disk imaging, which for a long time kept from the human eye, will appear before all history lovers and just before curious spectators willing to look behind the scenes of the principal historical events.
History singer Plevitskaya that worshiped many compelling people of that time and that was unwittingly drawn into the political game … Before you will reveal previously unknown details of the murder of the 1st of the main opponents Stalin — Leon Trotsky … The failed physical removal Stalin's very end of the stateliness Russian war … hide from the public details of the storming of the German stronghold of Koenigsberg … The difficulties faced by the Russian government in time preparation of the Metropolitan Olympics in 1980 …

Mysteries of the history, excavation, archeology

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