Ludmila Zykina. Diamonds alone watch online

Ludmila Zykina.  Diamonds alone watch online
Life majestic and famous people are always surrounded by mystery, speculation, gossip and scandals. They are not getting smaller when these people die. Four years back the lost majestic Russian singer Ludmila Zikina. About her diamonds and jewels walking legend. After the death of actress collection jewelery went under the hammer for almost one million dollars. She sold one of his nephews Ludmila Zikina, who felt that it was he — the owner of the precious stones own aunt. The singer did not have children. She has not left a will. And all that was hers — the subject of a showdown kin. Specifically, relatives and blames the nearest assistant Ludmila Zikina Tatiana Svinkovu who ran her household for more than 30 years, and the appropriation of the main part of the diamond collection. Was this a collection in general? Stolen it? Or stored in a bated place? On these and other issues complicated biographies of famous singer trying to answer the filmmakers-investigation.

Historical figures, people of destiny

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