Luganschina sent to the consolidated budget of Ukraine more than 9 billion UAH

This was stated by Chairman of the State Tax Service in the Luhansk region, Alexander Antipov at a press conference for journalists of regional media.

He noted that in 2012, business entities registered in the State Tax Service of the Lugansk Region sent 7 billion 69 million hryvnia. This is 27 percent., Or half a billion more than the 2011th.

In addition, he said, large enterprises, which are served in the Specialized tax office, listed the 2 billion 136 million

Thus, from the Lugansk region in the consolidated budget of Ukraine received 9 billion 205 million UAH.

Alexander Antipov also said that despite the decline in sales in the domestic market by 24 percent, the State budget received 3 billion 413 million, an increase of more than billion, or 47 percent.

According to the head of the tax department in the region, out of the total collection to the state budget the largest share in the budget-making enterprises such industries as mining region — nearly 47 percent., Trade — 15.8 percent., Processing industry — 8.4 percent. , construction — 5.5 percent., transportation — more than 2 percent. and other industries.

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