Lugansky scientist refused to pay — a million dollars


The genius mathematician from Lugansk instead of a million dollars received the letter.

The reward — a million dollars — a scientist refused. Therefore, he was awarded a diploma.

Professor of Lugansk Anatoly Plotnikov was able to solve one of the 7 most challenging and important tasks of modern mathematics, on which depends the future of human civilization.

VNU teacher named Dalia decided to "millennium problems" — P vs NP. This is one of the 7 most difficult and important tasks for humanity in modern mathematics, some 12 years ago, the Massachusetts Institute of Clay. For the solution of each of them promise a reward of one million U.S. dollars. However, the scientist refused money for ethical reasons. Therefore mathematics "noted" at the local level — he was handed a letter from the District Council for his contribution to science.

— The solution to this problem can turn the whole world, and in fact jeopardize the security of almost all information systems in the world. Humanity will have to find new means of information protection, — explained the director of information protection Victor Jora.


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