Lukashenko and the measure of democracy

One of the most repeated words of Lukashenka is the word "democracy." Two views — Russia and Belarus — about a measure of democracy and its need for the country.

Browser Radio Liberty Vadim Dubnov:

Lukashenko spoke of "creative democracy" of democracy, which "does not ruin the state," of democracy, which has suffered the Belarusian people. And, finally, the excessive democracy prazmernastsi from which it was drawn before the presidential elections to vomit. As far as this argument may be evaluated further political prospects of Belarus?

Performance of Alexander Lukashenko is characterized by the fact that he seemed to laugh with those who seek to his wordsx hidden meaning or some signals sent by someone.

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Co-chair of the organizing committee of the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" Vital Rymashevski:

Alexander Lukashenko to learn democracy. In democratic systems, methods are an important part of these systems. There is not only important what, why and what you're doing, but, primarily, how you do it. And this power is decidedly does not want to understand. Well, at least she realizes that something needs to be changed. This requires a new mindset, an understanding of what actually is democracy and human rights.

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