Lukashenko: remains unanswered about the partners and customers attack

The case of the terrorist attack in Minsk subway must in a short time and accurately brought to court.

This was stated by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, hearing the April 22 report on the investigation into the terrorist attack, Interfax reports.

He noted that, in detaining suspected terrorist attack in Minsk subway, law enforcement agencies failed to prevent several similar events.

"It remains unanswered the question of the partners and customers, if they are, of course, there is. For the future, we in no case be allowed like, but it is important to find people who were somehow involved in the crime. We have to fix very sur 'seriously these facts.

We are not in any case be allowed as weakening and some overkill in this matter. Because it is a special criminal case, and it will remain not just in the archives, but also in the history of our state. Everything must be under the law, fair and square. "

Lukashenko has ordered the mid-term results of the investigation weekly.

"I'm trying to build some kind of a system of participation in the investigation of the attack. I get near real-time information from the focus groups that work on this criminal case. For me it is important to keep abreast of. "

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