LUKOIL has begun to install offshore platform in the Caspian Sea

LUKOIL has begun to install substructures offshore platform in the field of Vladimir Filanovskogo in the Caspian Sea.

The support blocks are attached to the seabed by piles 20, each of which has a diameter of 2 meters. Piles hammered into the ground to a depth of 60 meters, which provides secure attachment platform, designed for the possible effects of extreme ice and waves. The sea depth at the point of installation is 7 meters. The total weight of the two support blocks is approximately 5 tons. The length of each support block — 28,3 m, width — 23.7 m, height — 16.4 m
Setting the reference blocks is carried out with the help of transport and installation barge (TMB), which is equipped with a crane lifting capacity of 400 tons. Payload TMB — 13,450 tons, length — 140.3 m, width — 62.3 meters. T-barge pontoon consists of a main and two additional side pontoons (outriggers) needed to increase the capacity and stability of the vessel in transportation of heavy oversized cargo.
This year, LUKOIL plans to establish a platform for supporting blocks accommodation module, a central processing platform and Riser block. In 2014, on the support blocks are installed topsides. All of these offshore structures are built to order by LUKOIL in Astrakhan shipyards.
It is planned that production drilling at the Vladimir Filanovskogo will begin in 2014 and production of oil — at the end of 2015.

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