Lukoil has commissioned a photovoltaic power plants in Bulgaria

LUKOIL launched a trial operation of photovoltaic station (FES). The facility is located near the Bulgarian city of Burgas on the area of more than 2.5 hectares.


Installed capacity of 1.25 MW.

Produced by FES electricity will be sold on the open market at preferential tariff fixed for FES for 12 years. At present, the preferential tariff for FES more than 4 times higher than the market price of electricity for industrial customers.

Emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases from activities PVS 1.6 tonnes per year less than conventional thermal power generation plants of the same power.

FES operates LLC "LUKOIL-Ekoenergo", created in 2011 in order to implement projects in the field of alternative energy.

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