LUKOIL-Western Siberia introduced new gas turbine CHP

LUKOIL-Western Siberia imposed on Krasnoleninsk field another new installation.
The gas turbine power plant (gas turbine) power of 48 MW works on APG.
It will bring the level of utilization of associated gas from the field to 95% and will provide electricity to the objects of the fishery.


The structure consists of four power plants EHPP-12S created on the basis of GTU-12PG-2 of the development of "Aircraft Engine," commercially available "Perm Engine Company". GTU-12PG-2 was developed on the basis of the gas generator aircraft engine PS-90A.
The power units are equipped with gearboxes PR.55101 (JSC "Kirov-Energomash") and turbine generators TS-12-2 RUHLZ OJSC ("Drive") with a microprocessor excitation SHSV-4. The fuel will be used by APG.

APG — the only mineral deposit, receipt of which is not a goal but a problem.
In recent years, raises the issue of utilization of associated gas, allowing finally remove the old problem, and extinguish the torches themselves.
The volume of APG in Russia today exceeds 60 billion cubic meters. m and about a quarter of this amount is useless flared. The loss is estimated at $ 1.3 billion
An important stimulus APG has a manifold increase in fees — actually fine for excessive burning it. A standard hard put — you can not burn more than 5% of associated gas.
Otherwise, the company threatens deprivation of the license to develop the appropriate field. Therefore, should be disposed of 95% of APG (for comparison, in the U.S. the rate of use of APG — 97%).
The new gas turbine power plant — another object of the 26 that was built in the Western Siberian oil accordance with the implementation of the program for utilization of associated petroleum gas.
Lukoil holds programs and regularly introduces new objects.
In 2008, on the field Vatyeganskoye commissioned turbine power capacity of 72 MW. It is the largest ES LUKOIL's own needs and is located near the town of Kogalim Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug.
And in 2011 the company's engineers to Energaz gazodozhimnoy compressor station gas turbine-72 were commissioned four compressor units ENERPROJECT.
In 2009, gas turbine power plant built on 48-Tevlinsko-Russkinskoye field and gas turbine-24 Pyakyakhinskoye oil, gas and fisheries. By the way, recently LUKOIL started drilling ultra-deep wells on Pyakyakhinskoye field.
The company plans to launch two more gas-turbine power plants.
In 2012, Povkhovskoye field Kogalymneftegas and Pokachevskoye field Pokachevneftegas build gas turbine with heat recovery boilers.
The level of utilization of associated gas on average in the society LUKOIL-Western Siberia is 95%.
In four geographically-manufacturing companies APG utilization exceeds 98% — Langepasneftegas, Kogalymneftegas, Pokachevneftegas and Yamalneftegaz.
At the end of the first quarter of 2012 is expected to achieve 95% utilization of associated petroleum gas Urayneftegaz.

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