Lviv Railway began to build a tunnel Beskid

Lviv Railways started preparatory work for the construction of a new tunnel Beskid already backfilled 17 thousand cubic meters of soil drainage, three driveways paved with a total length of 950 meters, the construction of access roads. The press service of the Ukrainian Railways.

Now, work is continuing on the transfer of electricity, which will provide power for construction machinery. Head of the department of construction of a separate tunnel Beskid Lviv Railways Vladimir Harlan noted that the preparatory work will last until about the end of the year as they are conducted in a mountainous area.

"It will be necessary to develop a slope where the path will be laid Beskid tunnel, build a retaining wall to reinforce this slope and still make a lot of difficult work", — said Vladimir Harlan.

At the end of this year, Joint Construction Association Interbudmontazh to finish the preparation of project documentation for the construction of a new double-track tunnel Beskid. After agreeing on the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate, design and technical-economic indicators will be sent for approval to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Recall that the tunnel length of 1,822 meters will be built next to the existing single-track, which for the more than 125-year history, is already in poor condition. Construction of the new tunnel should end in 2015. At present, the price of 102.7 million euros.

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