Lyabedzka: The authorities do not dig there …

Immediately after today's visit to Minsk city prosecutor's office of the United Civil Party Anatol Lyabedzka told to "Freedom":

"The format of the meeting — it's an interrogation. My status — witness. Subject of conversation — event April 11.

They asked where I was in Lately? I replied in the KGB detention center. When asked where he was directly in the tragedy, said: one of the embassies of EU countries in Minsk. There were a number of issues that concerned some of my statements in the media. And then I gave some explanation.

A general comment on the talk today is: I think, authorities do not dig where you need to dig. The opposition, a fortiori its leaders do not have any — either direct or indirect — relationship to the explosion. But the order was entered by the investigators, and they carry it out. I do predict that the effectiveness of this will be zero, and spent a lot of time. "

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