Lycanthropy. The Wolfman

The children from the orphanage — the plight and life. Many of them did not manage to get rid of the feeling of uselessness anyone in this world. Almost all of them are secretive, distrustful of others. But what happened with Victor, a graduate Bilotserkivskyi orphanage that his mind and body are drawn to the forest? What is it: Lycanthropy, or banal schizophrenia?

17-year-old Victor suffers from a strange disease. Victor's sister, with whom communicated journalists, is keen that there be professionals who would free his brother from his obsession.

Victor, along with her sisters soon became an orphan — my mother died.

— We were brought up in an orphanage Tarashchansky — says Irina (names have been changed). — There we were good, we were taught, loved. And then, when I came to college, Vitya and his sister took in a foster home. These were very religious people — Baptists. They are strict about the children, but does not seem to hurt them. However, to visit me Vitya did not want to let down, even though he had requested. Maybe because we were of different faiths.

To adolescence, says Irina, Victor was an ordinary boy (if we do not take into account the diagnosis of "mild mental retardation".. — Ed.).

— It was when my brother was 14 or 15 years. Then from his adoptive mother, I learned that night, she saw: Vita dream something unusual. But it is not approached. Do not wake you. A brother in the morning woke up a different person. Began to say that he needs in the forest, that he is welcome there, even grabbed a knife, began swinging it, but, thank God, no one was injured. When he had fits, he eats different things, but people do not bite.

The first attack him after that dream happen. It was a full moon.

After returning from the hospital where he was placed foster parents, Victor no longer wanted to live in the family, says Irina. Yes, and it is not held. The boy returned to the orphanage, visited his sister, who had already married. But more and more often to talk about the fact that it pulls in the forest, the brothers, which he never was.

— His brothers — are wolves — sigh Irina. — He and my sister thinks wolves. For him, the wolves — those who nice, intimate.

Kids think it scares them

Director of an orphanage in Tarashcha Hope Vasin was witnessed as Victor went down on all fours, rocks, growling and tried to escape …

— When the paramedics to stop attacks, he did not remember anything about what happened to him — she recalls. — In real life it's just a golden child, kind, always eager to help the first. No anger and no aggression.

These strange attacks have occurred earlier times in six months, and after the new year began to be repeated each month — the full moon. Several times the young man was in the hospital, but the true cause of his delusions doctors never called.

In Belotserkovskii boarding school, where medical staff on duty around the clock, Victor was transferred in March. Teacher Nina Medvid says Victor is different from many boarding students, their peers, development — well, he writes, reads a simple book. Draws a childish primitive, but the colors are bright and plots, dark colors do not.

— '44 I worked with children who are diagnosed with mental retardation, but with such a case occurs for the first time — said the teacher. — However, the very attack I did not see it happen when he left work. But the children were told that Victor really looked like a wolf, however, did not last long. The children decided that it just scares them so. When the boy to come to us in a boarding school, then asked for a book about animals. Disclosed on the page where the photos of wolves, and shows. I said that I like the bunny — he is kind, does not offend anyone. And the next day he again showed me the cubs. His favorite book — Mowgli, he knows where all the characters.

Irina comes to visit his brother and is very worried about him. She says that now Victor has learned to feel when he is wrong, and this can be prevented. But what happens then, still remembers. He is now back in the hospital for in-depth examination.


"The starting point could be a book about Mowgli"

— Such cases have been described in the past and the century before, in particular the most famous psychiatrist Krafft-Ebing. But not deeply studied, were not analyzed, — said the chief psychiatrist of the Kiev region Gennady Zilberblat. — At the starting point of the story could be a book about Mowgli — the boy might have wanted to get used to the image of a child living among wolves. Impressions could fall on fertile ground — an unstable psyche. In any case, it should be corrected and treated.

"The interest of the animals could be reflected in the mind"

— Such attacks can occur within epilepsy, — the chief child psychiatrist Kiev region Tamara Sumtsova. — You can not exclude the fact that the interest in animals, in particular to the wolves is reflected in the mind of the boy. If you carefully examine the child, perhaps we could find the causes that give rise to such attacks.


Lycanthropy (the name comes from two Greek words "wolf" and "man") — is a mythical illness when a person is transformed into a beast. According to legend, a werewolf overgrown hair, there are sharp claws and fangs. This is definitely a fantasy, like the fact that the disease can be transmitted through a bite. Lycanthropes — they're werewolves, werewolves — exist in the mythology of almost all the nations of Europe.

But along with the magic there is clinical lycanthropy. In 1963, Dr. Lee Illisa from Hampshire presented to the British Royal Society of Medicine paper entitled "On the etymology of porphyria and werewolves." In it he brought about 80 cases of such diseases have been studied certified physicians. Of course, the man in this case does not turn into a wolf, but it becomes a creature far removed from the man in his physical and mental sense. Illisa but was unable to explain the phenomenon of how the werewolf takes human form again, and in a matter of hours. In the International Classification of Diseases "lycanthropy" no.



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