Lyudinovskiy diesel locomotive diesel locomotive factory certified dvuhdizelny TEM14

JSC "Lyudinovskiy Locomotive Plant" (LTZ is a subsidiary of Sinara-Transport Machines) has received a certificate of conformity certification register the Federal Railway (FBU RSFZHT)

  • The prototype was created July 4, 2011.  Serial production since 2012.
  • The prototype was created July 4, 2011. Serial production since 2012.


Design documentation locomotive TEM14 assigned letter "O1", entitling the holder to manufacture a mounting series of locomotives. After completing the first stage of certification of locomotive TEM14 plant began implementing planned activities for obtaining a certificate for the mass production of diesel locomotives.

Dvuhdizelny TEM14 locomotive was designed by the Center for Innovative Development of STM for the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. Locomotive designed for shunting-export, hump work stations and mainline track work on the railways of 1520 mm in areas with a temperate climate. The eight locomotive, able to accelerate to 100 km per hour, is equipped with two diesel production plants of the Urals Diesel Engine Plant "(UDMZ, is a subsidiary of Sinara-Transport Machines) with a total capacity of 2400 hp

The design of the locomotive TEM14 provides modular basic units, which makes it easy to maintain and repair the machine. In the locomotive cab provides a comfortable work environment driver, and the presence of CCTV enhances the visual control of movement of the locomotive. The locomotive has an automatic start diesel engines, depending on the traction load. The use of modern predzapuskovyh heater for easier starting locomotive in winter conditions. Fuel economy locomotive TEM14 operation when compared to other similar machines is of the order of 20%.

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