Lyudinovskiy locomotives have passed new tests

Shunting locomotive-export TEM9H with a hybrid power plant confirmed compliance with all technical indicators and requirements. Locomotive produced by "CIR STM" has passed the test sequence at the sites of the manufacturer and research institutes.

The next stage of checking the stated capacity of innovation taking place on an experimental basis for the ring of "VNIIZhT" Scherbinka. Test results confirm the characteristics of the hybrid locomotive that brought him the customer — JSC "Russian Railways". For example, shunting locomotive reached a top speed of 100 km / h, ensuring the movement of the load according to the parameters specification.

— Tests of the first sample TEM9H began in the spring of last year. In the pilot ring of "VNIIZhT" he confirmed the technical ability in the speed is between 40 and 100 kilometers per hour. Previously, hybrid locomotive sustained full testing at landfills Lyudinovo Locomotive Works, as well as the Institute VNIKTI — said "UM" CTO "STM" Valery thick.

The first Soviet shunting locomotive with hybrid setup TEM9H developed since the end of 2010, with the support of the "Skolkovo". General scientific and technical partner of the project is of "Russian Railways". When working on a locomotive used for more than 20 innovative solutions. Ltd. "CIR STM" has four patents on various systems TEM9H. Holding has applied for another five, including one — the international standard. The completion of testing and certification for locomotive is scheduled for the second half. 

In addition, it was learned that the first trial operation on networks of "Russian Railways" the locomotive shunting GT1h-002, designed for the station work to begin in October 2013 at the Sverdlovsk Railway (SvRW) at the locomotive depot Egorshino. Told ATN said Head, service support, research and testing of "Scientific Research and Design Institute of Technology rolling stock" Mikhail Chernyshev.

According to him, the gas turbine will arrive at SvRW after a visit to the salon EXPO-1520, which will begin on September 11 at the Experimental Sherbinka ring.

Gas turbine GT1h-002 — is a two-piece locomotive power plant capacity of 8500 kW (gas turbine engine that runs on compressed natural gas (CNG)). Produced by on Lyudinovo Locomotive Plant (JSC "Sinara-Transport Machines)

In the first section of the traction equipment is placed on the power unit: a gas turbine engine, traction generator and auxiliary systems, traction and power equipment, gas conditioning systems and air preparation systems. In the second, the booster section set: removable cryogenic LNG tank with a reserve, trailer power equipment and gas treatment equipment systems. The equipment is located in each section of the car body type.

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