M. Salie and Putin — as it was …

Read at your leisure interview with "Radio Liberty" with M. Salie "Why Marina Salie said nothing about Putin 10 years? "Is the text of an interview I will not give a link: http://www.svobodanews.ru…tent/article/1972366.html
After reading this article I learned a great many comments, the bulk of which was reduced to one — M. Salie unquestioned authority, having a lot of documentary evidence, and in addition, Putin is guilty of fraud in the implementation of the program — "raw materials in exchange for food." Like, Putin issued a license for the export of raw materials deliberately dishonest firms with a single purpose — to enrich themselves. Although such a conclusion directly is not specified anywhere, but it is supplied argument interviewees.
And then I wondered, did the person who took the oath, which grew, and brought up in the Soviet Union, so here starts suddenly enriched by putting at stake the life including his parents — residents of St. Petersburg? And I decided to deeply consider all the details.
About the problem itself.
In 1990, the Soviet Union still existed and branch without a free market economy, so Peter consume food that is acquired in the union republics. However, as a result of political squabbles, in 1990, in St. Petersburg began the hunger crisis. "In December 1990, the cards have been introduced for the products in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. By the end of 1991 is already on the card, and the distribution of food is not enough. We had to open the army warehouses with stewed meat … "(Former Chairman of the Leningrad City Council, Alexander Belyaev). Here in this difficult period, led the St. Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak and his team.
On the attempts to solve the problem.
An urgent need to do something, but what? Recent problems with food in St. Petersburg were in the post-war years and the methods of their solutions has long been firmly forgotten. In addition, the yard was in November 1991 and the Congress of People's Deputies of Russia has already formed the Gaidar government. Reforms were announced, the upcoming liberalization of prices. The situation was ambiguous … It was therefore decided to introduce a program of "raw materials in exchange for food." Implementation of the program was to deal with the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee at the mayor of St. Petersburg Vladimir Putin. So he worked as he could … Gave license (resolution Gaidar), has concluded agreements (very unprofessional, well, the experience is not present), provided the export of raw materials in the framework of these agreements (which even had to butt heads with Customs), and sat down to wait until go food.
BUT ITS have thrown! More precisely lit and threw a sucker!
The solution of the problem.
The problem is eventually solved. Food began to arrive at the end of 1992. And according to all liberastov, solely through price liberalization, announced Gaidar. Only this liberasty not know that thanks to this same price liberalization, and Peter did not wait for its products under the "raw materials in exchange for food." Merchants, got a license and removed goods abroad, hiding. Why, Gaidar said he would "let prices." Therefore, traders and thinking, and if they do not fly if the hurry to deliver food to St. Petersburg? That left Putin with nothing without food and without raw materials.
These problems Putin immediately took advantage of M. Salle, in the present times, the deputy of the Leningrad City Council and the chairman of the committee on food, making scathing in its view the full report, including documentary evidence. Thus M. Salie has demonstrated methods of political activity dermokratii-liberastov that era — Cluj neighbor, I am more on the bottom. With regard to the documentary evidence provided by the Commission M. Salie — are the work of the third, because the allegations themselves speakers, Putin signed there already three species. Therefore, their authenticity doubtful.
What is so upset Putin Mrs. M. Salle? Yes, nothing. It was a normal redistribution of power. Putin — a former security official, a member of the KGB, and Salie the most prominent member of the "radical democrats". I hope no need to say who sponsored this structure?
Help: the party "radical democrats" was founded June 17, 1990, after most of the radicals were not elected to the Supreme Soviet. Initially, the "RD" features more than 50 people, the vast majority (48 people) retained membership in the faction "Democratic Russia". At the time of the V Congress in a group of 47 people were registered on April 1993 — 50. The most prominent members of the "radical democracy" were Ushenkov Sergei Vladimir Carlsbad, Bela Denisenko, Victor Dmitriev, Bella Kurkova, Victor Mironov, Mikhail Molostvov, Marina Salie, Petr Filippov, Anatoly Shabad. Faction occupied consistent anti-communist positions, actively supported the Gaidar reforms and Boris Yeltsin …
ZY It is extremely strange to hear accusations of fraud with the supply of food from the mouth of chairman of the food, directly responsible for the organization of these supplies! Apparently, in this case, is the old adage: "He who shouts the loudest," Stop thief! ", And he himself had stolen."

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