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White House: U.S. may use military force against Syria


United States President Barack Obama to approve the use of military force against the Syrian government. This was stated by spokesman for the White House spokesman Jay Carney.

According to Carney, the administration of President has several applications in the event that if the head of Syria's Bashar al-Assad uses chemical weapons. In particular, the U.S. can use military force against Syria. However, as emphasized by the spokesman, the government has prepared a number of other strategies.

At a White House briefing Carney also assured that the United States despite the controversy will continue to discuss with Russia the issue of settlement in Syria.

"We have clearly indicated that they do not agree with the position of the Russian Federation on the subject. But we will continue to discuss with Moscow and other partners, the question of the nature of the Assad regime, "- he said.

White House spokesman also said that the United States will continue to communicate on the Syrian issue to the UN Security Council members. Washington will work with allies, partners and the Syrian opposition to finally determine whether to use chemical weapons in Syria.

On the question of whether there is now clear evidence that Syria has passed the "red line", after which, according to Obama, the United States would be entitled to change course on the country, a spokesman said evasively.

"Intelligence alone are not sufficient for the U.S. to take a decision on military action. Now the White House, in cooperation with the opposition conducts a thorough investigation of each case of use of chemical weapons. "

The conflict between the authorities and the opposition continues in Syria since March 2011. According to the UN, the civil war has killed about 70 million people, and more than 4 million are in need of humanitarian assistance.

In addition to issues related to Syria, a spokesman touched on Guantanamo. According to Carney, the U.S. administration has not abandoned plans to close the prison, where are suspected of terrorist activities.

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