M1 and T-72: A small visual comparison of cases

M1 and T-72: A small visual comparison of casesSome great "experts" and "experts" like to criticize tanks T-72 and T-90 for having allegedly "weak zones" in protecting sides of the hull caused by the cut-outs for the installation of the rotary dampers. However here we can see a fresh photographic (from August 2010), the hull of the M1 "Abrams" — because of its massive, which is the main potential rival Russian "Teshek." 


How well they can be seen, the protection of the board at the "Abrams" so simple cardboard. And on the actual thickness of the side walls, and the number and sizes of the same debilitating board cutouts. For clarity, here are a couple photos of the body of the T-72B — coeval "Abrashy."

Draw conclusions … shakes on a mustache …

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