MAC Makhachkala became part of the Caspian Flotilla

New small artillery ship (IAC) Project 21630 "Desperado" — "Makhachkala" is included in the state of the Caspian Flotilla, inform headquarters of the Southern Military District (SOUTH).

"Prior to arrival at the permanent base on the Caspian Sea from the Baltic Sea, the crew under the command of the ship fulfills specific tasks on the organization of everyday life on the ship, the ship's holds exercises on preparing the ship for battle and campaign," — said the press service of the Southern Military District.

Then place the teachings of the air defense ship, performance of artillery and rocket firings by air, sea and coastal targets. Also, the crew will increase the skills to manage a ship in the course of working out marine elements in single and joint maneuvers in a group of ships.

MAK "Makhachkala" is the third ship of the "Desperado". "In terms of performance characteristics, specifically designed for the Caspian Sea basin", — the report says.

The ship is equipped with a powerful artillery forward 100-mm unit A-190, two 30-mm six-barreled AK-306 and aft 40-barrel 122mm multiple rocket launchers "Grad-M". The ship is able to deliver powerful fire strikes on enemy ships and shore fortifications to clear the springboard for amphibious landings. "The architectural appearance of the vessel meets the requirements to reduce the radar cross section, the so-called" stealth technology "(inclined planar surface superstructure, the presence of the bulwarks, hidden in the planes of the superstructure and deck, doors and hatches, no windows)", — informs the headquarters of the Southern Military District.

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