Machine-building enterprises of the Ivanovo region summed up in the first half.

Cost of production of machine-building complex of the Ivanovo region for the half year increased by 10% compared to last year and exceeded 10.5 billion rubles. Such information is made public in the course of the meeting with the heads of major engineering companies in the region that on July 26 held the first deputy chairman of the regional government Paul skates.

As the chief of the Department of Economic Development and Trade of the Ivanovo region Svetlana Davletova, the indices of industrial production by economic activity in the engineering industry showed uneven development of the sub-sectors. Thus, the decline in production for the six months recorded in the production of vehicles, machinery and equipment (82.8% and 75.9%, respectively), as well as in the manufacture of electrical equipment (92.6%). Better economic situation at the enterprises of metallurgy and in the production of metal products: it recorded growth of 8.5%.  

As commented by the first deputy chairman of the government of Paul Kon'kov in general machine-building enterprises managed to stabilize the situation in an unstable economic situation in the industry. The decline in production of up to half of business leaders associated with the fall in demand, and in the case of the domestic demand for civil engineering — with ongoing for the past two years, a negative trend. As the CEO of Shumsky foundry Alexei Khokhlov, sunk in machinery orders, but returned to defense contracts, several textile machinery market perked up.

Despite the challenging economic environment engineering sector in the first quarter of 2013 brought the region's economy one-fifth of investment in fixed assets. In particular, in the manufacture of basic metals and fabricated metal products investment was 74 million rubles (growth rate of 170%). Meanwhile, according to the Department of Economic Development and Trade of the region, the companies of the industry is still not fully use measures of financial support investment activities of the regional budget: subsidizing two thirds of the refinancing rate for loans for investments and tax breaks for business property. Head of the department Svetlana Davletova gave the example Maydakovskogo machine factory, who presented the project of modernization of production and successfully participating in the program to support investment activities.  

General manager of "TeksInzh" Oleg Gataulin marked another acute problem of machine-building enterprises — the shortage of qualified personnel. "In the short supply specialists on basic mechanical engineering professions, in particular — machine operators," — he said. As the first deputy chairman of the government of Paul Kon'kov today in the whole region in the labor market steady decline in unemployment and increased competition for skilled employees. In this situation, the problem of industrial enterprises in maintaining a high level of wages, the special attention to working conditions and social programs, as well as the training of young professionals, especially in the chain of secondary education. "Today, colleges and Proflitsey the region are ready to prepare for almost all workers specialties. But companies do not have to remain on the sidelines, it is necessary to move to long-term cooperation agreements with institutions that are willing to train young professionals" to order ", — said Paul skates. On the experience of such cooperation Krapostin said Alexander, general manager of the plant. queen. Specifically, he said, in a vocational school number 2 is the second year of training in the specialty "Engineering", and second-year students this year in full practice at the factory .

As for the level of wages in the machine-building enterprises, last year it grew by 15% to 30% for different types of industries. The highest level of her today in the manufacture of transport equipment (21.7 thousand), which is above average for the industry of the region as a whole.

For the record:

The share of machinery in total output by industry Ivanovo region is 20%. Average number of employees by economic activity accounted for 14 million people or 17.8% of the workforce in the industry in the region.

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