Machine-building plant Arsenal catch-up for the production of naval artillery guns

"Design Bureau" Arsenal "and JSC" Machine Building Plant "Arsenal" at the X International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2011


The main activities:
Production of Space Technology
Production of marine artillery and missile launchers
Production of general civil engineering: air compressors, equipment for water treatment plants, extrusion equipment, cryogenics.

At an engineering plant "Arsenal" (St. Petersburg) completed commissioning and commissioned imported milling and boring machine Verus produced by the Italian firm FPT, the press reported the factory.

Boring machine is designed to replace obsolete and outdated home equipment 30 year old, worn-out and do not satisfy the requirements of any performance or quality.

The new multifunctional machine, in addition to compliance with modern standards of accuracy, and allows the boring work. This is the third machine imported, purchased now through technical re-equipment of the enterprise.

Previously acquired two machine Tacchi Italian company Tacchi Giacomo &Figli SpA, for the manufacture of long parts (stems). The number of orders of the plant on the marine artillery units (AU) has recently increased, but an obsolete machine equipment hampered production and led to the disruption of the contractual terms. Now new imported machines is hard work to produce one of the main products of the plant — marine AU type AC-176 and A-190,
as supplied to the domestic fleet, and for export.

AC plant, which is the sole producer of the serial srednekalibernyh ship guns in Russia, are in great demand in the world market. Guns of the production of "Arsenal" are set to Project 11356 frigates for the Indian Navy, which is building a series of Baltic Shipyard "Yantar". The head of the three Teg frigate ordered already started a program of sea trials.

Arsenalovtsy frigates are made for this project, a 100-mm AU A-190 "Universal". The next batch of marine 100mm AU A-190 will be available for already planned for construction at the "Yantar" of three frigates of Project 11356, which will be part of the Black Sea Fleet. Two ships of the three — "Admiral Grigorovich" and "Admiral Essen" — has already been laid.



Also AU production of "Arsenal" are part of the Project 20380 corvettes weapons such as "Guarding". In 2012, will be floated corvettes "Resistant" on the Northern Shipyard in St. Petersburg, and "Perfect" on the Amur CVD in Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

Large order is executed by the on 76-mm guns AK-176. And if the domestic fleet after purchasing the latest AU for TFR "Dagestan" will no longer acquire this type of weapon, the export customers, Vietnam in particular, are going to continue to install these quite successful and are in compliance with the requirements of naval warfare guns on the ships and boats that are built as at Russian shipyards (2 units of patrol ships of project 10412 on shipbuilding company "Almaz" in St. Petersburg, and 2 units of the same project in Vladivostok), and the foreign (license missile boats of the "Lightning" and the Vietnamese gunboats project type TT 400T, the relevant composition artvooruzheniya project 10410).



Some delay in testing of small artillery ship "Volgodonsk", built in the Northern Fleet "Diamond", associated with the lack of AC-190 A-01, will be eliminated in the near future. Field testing tools are close to completion, and after their graduation at the Rzhevsky landfill AU A-190-01 trailer will be delivered to the "Diamond" and set to the MAC.

On the range, work continues on the prospective offshore gun, 130 mm — A-192 "Armat", which is part of the Project 22350 frigate weapons "Sergei Gorshkov." In their tactical and technical characteristics of this gun is among the most advanced models of naval artillery weapons. The plans of the Navy — the construction of a series of ships of project 22350, and the main gauge for them to produce the St. Petersburg "Arsenal".


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