Machine-Building Plant Red October Russian manned equipment brickyard Azhemak

JSC "Kharkiv Machine Building Plant" Red October "(Ukraine) has completed delivery of new equipment for the plant" Azhemak "(holding" Bashkir brick ").
The Russian company at the beginning of June 2013 received the newest high-performance automatic cutting PL 500, and now the Kharkov experts to prepare it for operation.
In addition, a few months earlier by the same company was raised a new generation of vacuum press PL 100. 
Both complexes are the latest developments of the design bureau of the "Red October". When you create a PL 500 developers focused on the best European models, such as the automatic Swiss "Freymatik." The design of key components used imported equipment, in particular, used gearmotors "Lenze" and "Motovario", pneumatic "Camozzi". Machine capacity up to 15 million bricks per hour can be cut ceramic timber with high accuracy with the simultaneous application of facets on three sides brick.
Delivered in February of this year, "Azhemaku" extruder PL 100 is able to process 20 to 60 tons of raw material per hour and is designed to produce various kinds of ceramic bricks and stone on the lines of a capacity of 15 to 90 million bricks per year. In PL 100 is also used components manufactured in Europe.

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