Machine Building Plant Tonar started production of the new model 4-axle flatbed semi-trailer

Semi-trailer flatbed 974,614 with fittings — and bortovik and container!

Model Thonar-974614 is unique in its qualities and combines the functions of a flatbed semi-trailers and container.






For the transport of containers on the back of 12 fittings are installed in such a way as to carry a 40-foot or 20-foot two, or one 20-foot container (in the center).

Link to a detailed description of the model.

The sides of semi-metal, the front shield and a metal reinforced.

The floor is made of laminated plywood, covered with corrugated sheet metal.

Lifting 1 and 2 front axles — are standard

Increased tool box — 1500 * 2500 * 600 mm

The model is the height of the fifth wheel 1250 mm.

  • Semi-trailer load capacity, kg — 42500
  • Kerb weight semitrailer, kg- 7500
  • Gross weight of the semitrailer, kg — 50000
  • Inner dimensions in mm
  • length 13.64m
  • width 2.48 m
  • Suspension dependent on the longitudinal elastic arms with pneumatic spring elements and telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers.
  • Wheel axle — Model 1042, manufactured by LLC MZ "TONAR"
  • Wheels — Disc 11,75 x22, 5. Busbar lean. Bus — Tubeless 385/65R 22,5
  • The service braking system — With two-wire pneumatic c electronically controlled EBS configuration 2S/2M acting on drum brakes.
  • Parking — mechanical actuator with spring-loaded in the middle and rear axles and a pneumatic hand control valve
  • Emergency — mechanical actuator with spring-loaded in the middle and rear axles to the wheel brake mechanisms.
  • The support device to 24t. by not requiring significant maintenance. 

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