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Did you know that sometimes the one and only photography can radically change your life? Do not believe me? But it is argued by experts in the field of bioenergy effects on humans.
Photo — it is relatively young. For a long time there was a period of accumulation of data, and only today, people (and by no means all) have come to understand that the photographic image — not a toy, not fun, and powerful way to impact energy. Judge for yourself.

This experiment was conducted in the laboratory walls, but if desired it can hold each. Hatched chicks are born. All alike — as twin brothers. All are healthy — it witnessed the vet. All are in the same conditions — beyond that strictly controls technician. A few days later all four chicks photographed metochki done to yourself then do not confuse them. Images of three set aside, and the fourth photo chicken propagated, and the experimenter gives it to the right and to the left: family, friends, children in kindergarten. And along with a photo all get the same instruction: "If something goes wrong in life, or sad at heart, to see the image zheltenkie miracle, and mentally try to borrow a chicken force." And what do you think? Chick caught in the turnover of the experiment, is changing. He's worse is developing in everything behind his brothers, and generally getting some dull, gloomy — in short, not long. It is unlikely that you will find another, more obvious example, to make sure with my own eyes how the "hack and exhaustion" of the energy potential through photography. Chickens are known to evolve rapidly, and any violation of them more visible, clearer, I suppose. With the man may be the same, just on the other, so to speak, speed. Experimenting in the laboratory and with plants. The result is similar.

We see no wonder our ancestors attributed image magical powers. On the influence of portraits to life and destiny written so many books that, taken together, they could make a decent library. But when, in the middle of the nineteenth century saw the photo, for some reason at first no one thought that its impact is much stronger. Photo eliminated the "middle man" — an artist who by his aura, talent or no talent could influence the fate of the portrait. Now the "contact" was going in a straight line, from looking to the image. And that, as it turned out, was not only the positives.

Us from the damaging effect of the photos for a long time kept … our poverty. Recall, another ten or fifteen years ago, cameras were not in any family, and a good, professional cameras in general were rare. Those feeble, blurry images that most of us do at family celebrations, and then printed with a red light bulb in the sweltering bathroom, according to scientists, could represent a real danger. The fact that such an image has been difficult to look into the eye. Yes, and read information using fuzzy contours — it is very tiresome. For it could be taken only by professionals. This means that virtually eliminates theft of energy.

Now pay attention to the photos of famous actors and singers come and go on the pages of newspapers and magazines. They are watched by millions of eyes. One look and do not see others, burdened with heavy thoughts and what some problems, could not help smiling, looking at the contented, happy photo image. In everyday life, we say, "Got a charge of optimism and cheerfulness." And it would be better to say that made up for the missing energy potential.

After becoming unwittingly energy donor for the tens of thousands of people have been known at times can make up their own mind and body. Is it because in star families so frequent turmoil, strife, divorces, scandals? However, not so much, and tragic. These are people who by nature endowed with high energy potential. Their biological energy swing, which, incidentally, causes the body to not less suffering than the energy "hole". According to one hypothesis, an unconscious desire to be in front of everyone, even your energy levels and pushes these people to the political or artistic Olympus — where necessary to give all of himself. That's why artists or speakers can easily leave the audience such force that the other does not accumulate and for the year.

Experts offer several recommendations. Lately it has become fashionable to wear pictures of loved ones in your wallet. Doing this is not necessary, because sometimes even thrown casually malevolent gaze is enough to bring into the house of trouble. Parents who are in separation from her daughter or son, you should often talk to photograph children. But do not lament: "How are you, all alone!" On the contrary, try to transfer some of its strength and inner conviction that all will be well. However, do not be bioenergetics to understand that the ability to see something good in our endless succession of gray everyday life difficult — it is the key to success in life. And this is the advice for lovers: Practice shows that those couples who photographed many before marriage, often do not reach to the registrar's office. Or divorced quickly. Or live very badly. To explain this paradox is not yet possible.

Try not yet photographed just like that, nothing else to do and be a little more careful, someone leaving their pictures on memory. It should be a good memory. After all, so it seems, once wrote in old photographs.


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