Magnitogorsk school students will purchase nanooborudovanie


Magnitogorsk school number 5 and the Lyceum at the University were awarded the grant on the basis of the regional competition for the right to create a laboratory subject. Two million direct educational institutions, regional and city authorities. In the five schools with the money to buy the equipment plan, which has no analogues even in many high schools.



No field of dreams, and a fertile ground for experimentation — as they say in five schools of his heart for working with gifted children. Agreed with this, and in the provincial Ministry of Education. As a result — a solid reward. "This grant of 2 million rubles granted for co-financing, — Explains Natalia Grandfather, director of the school number 5. — One million rubles allocated by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Chelyabinsk region, the second gave the municipality. "

Center for work with gifted children has been operating for more than a year, managed to gain recognition far beyond the Magnitogorsk. His students — regular winners of national and international competitions. On the local nanotechnology physics, mathematics and chemistry in theory know a lot, and now they will be able to find a practical use for his abilities. For example, in a physics lab will nanomikroskop email, which you can see the size of microparticles atom.

"Allows you to see and nanotubes, and nanofullereny — Is one of the most studied in the present compounds of carbon, — the Anton Ryzhov, physics teacher. — Carbon is the most abundant element, and around the world to it attracted the attention of physicists. "

Microscope already booked Lomonosov Moscow State University. To work with the wonderful instrument expressed a desire to not only gifted students, but also students and teachers of urban schools.
The authors report: Igor Bolonin, Eugene Grudev

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