MAI in 2012 will complete the development of a new radar

At the International Exhibition "High Technologies of XXI Century" ("BT XXI-2012") on the stand MAI was represented by a new development in the field of on-board radar — digital dual-band radar space-saving dual-MF-2 "Kogitor" (MBRLS-MF2). Its developer — Science Center special electronic systems and management of MAI (NC CPM MAI), which is a division of the Moscow Aviation Institute. In the MAI this development is called a breakthrough.

Work on the radar MF-2 are held together with JSC "Corporation" Fazotron-NIIR ", Chief Designer of which is A.I.Kanaschenkov (aka NC CPM leader MAI). The company — the parent of the complex project co-executive in charge of production processes for units and station modules, as well as the preparation of series production. Among the subcontractors — JSC "SPC" Micran ", which supplies electronic and microwave components (the company produces MRP AFAR" Zhuk-AE ").

And dual-band multi-function radar. Therefore consists of two modules — Module front view and side view of the module. Module MBRLS Ka-band MF2-1 — the bulk of the radar front-waveguide-slot antenna array (VSCHAR) with mechanical scanning. MF2 developed module-2 side-view X-band (cm range). The use of dual-band allows you to expand the scope of the radar. However MBRLS can be used as a complete assembly with two RF units, separately and in — any of the two modules. The station is designed to meet the challenges of intelligence and surveillance at any time and any weather, while ensuring a high and ultra-high resolution (up to 0.5 m — in the centimeter and 0.25 m — in the millimeter wave bands). Provided, in particular, the detection of ground, surface stationary and moving objects, the definition of meteorological situation, providing a low-altitude flight, the detection power line mapping, as well as an overview, the detection and tracking of air targets. Mass of the dual-band radar is not more than 55-60 pounds and will have a range of activities depending on the task — from 0.2 to 28 km in the Ka-band and up to 160 km in the X-band. It is possible to supply a single-band radar in the form. In this Mass with the Ka-band module is about 23 kg, and with the X-band module — no more than 35 kg.

The project is only one and a half years. The work initiated by the decision of the Government of the Russian Federation № 218 of April 9, 2010. Funding from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation began in November 2010. Create Module MF2-1 must enter the test phase by May 2012: a prototype for their conduct has already been built at one of Ryazan. Side Module MF2-2 is still in production, but its development must also be completed this year. No later than November 2012, is scheduled to perform laboratory testing dual-band design with assignment MBRLS CD letter "O1".

There are funding and all efforts are made to implement the project, and the customer and object placement in this radar — yet. The developers of the MAI is believed that the plant can be placed on the civil and military helicopters, medium and heavy drones with a takeoff weight of 800 kg and aircraft for various purposes. "There is interest from the" Helicopters of Russia "and, in particular, the firm" Kamov ", as well as from ZAO" Transas "for installation on drums drones", — Said the MAI Sergei Novikov, who represented the project at the "High Technologies of XXI century". Earlier, at the beginning of March, the Media said, that this development is aimed for use in the helicopter. With reference to Anatolia Kanashchenkov reported that in 2012 it is planned to complete the development work on the radar with the manufacture and testing of prototypes. "After the ground checks will be conducted flight tests of the radar and station can be offered to equip the Ka-52, Mi-28N, Ka-60 and Ka-27/28 ", — Kanaschenkov assured.

The project was awarded the honorary title "Golden statuette of" St. George ", as one of the best exhibits of the exhibition" High technologies of XXI century ".

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