Mais presented the new capabilities of its hybrids

Ukrainian breeding companies"MAIS"(Sinelnikovo, Dnepropetrovsk region) during a workshop on August 16 at p. Novoalekseevka presented to farmers and dealers own breeding corn hybrids grown on dry land and in drip irrigation.


The company's specialists familiarized the participants with high-quality technology of cultivation of hybrids, and showed areas where tests were performed various hybrids and their response to different doses of mineral fertilizers in drip irrigation.

The participants discussed the corn market trends, especially the production of this crop in the conditions of a changing climate.

During the report Chairman of the Board of "MAIS" breederVictor Borisovnoted that the current season has passed the test hybrids in conditions of severe water deficit, but allowed to develop the algorithm for optimal care of plants, including a number of important decisions on drip irrigation. Simultaneously, Mr. Borisov introduced the results of the test hybrids MAIS in the European Union, noting that the company is satisfied with the overall results of the work.

"In reality, our hybrids in the test conditions shown that they can give up to 20 tons per hectare. And maize is ready to promote their products on the European market ", — said Boris.

In addition, the company intends to expand its presence in the markets of neighboring Russia and Belarus to develop cooperation with Russian partners, advancing to the Russian market their own corn hybrids.

Similar to last year, when "MAIS" presented the new hybrids and especially the cultivation of maize in hydrothermal stress, this year more than 100 participants in person can compare the state of corn hybrids under different growing conditions.

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