Makkaveevsky pishchecombinat launched into operation a new plant for the industrial slaughter of cattle

Promzaboya shop, equipped with the latest modern facilities, was opened in the meat-processing complex in s.Makkaveevo Trans-Baikal region. The new shop is not only raises environmental and epidemiological safety Transbaikalians as precludes the use of the meat of sick animals, unauthorized disposal of the remains of other cattle and slaughter waste. Its opening also allows the IPC to close all the links of the production chain, from production and feeding of breeding cattle — slaughter — the finished product — and ending with its implementation through its proprietary network.

This fact in the near future will allow the IPC eliminate virtually all imported beef and switch to environmentally friendly and tasty meat transbaikalian local cows. Video: In particular, use the meat of its own stock, which now has more than half a thousand cows breeding breed of "Kazakh white."

Currently, the plant continues to actively work for the procurement of cattle live weight from private traders and farmers Karymskii, Nerchinskogo, Ononsky, Chita and Uletovsky areas. This work is done in close cooperation with the leadership of the district administration and the settlements.

Together with the management of the IPC in the opening ceremony was attended by representatives of the regional government, the leadership of the Chita administration, the head of the edge Gosvetsluzhby, members of territorial units Rosselkhoznadzor Epidemiology and the Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology.

As the General Director Vyacheslav Ionov Makkaveevskogo food plant: "We are fully confident that the new facility will be a major factor in the revival of the guaranteed sale of livestock. When her villagers do not have to rack their brains about what to do with their cows. Their main task — to raise cattle and to constantly increase his herd. All the conditions for this to Baikal is. " Also, with the words Ionova VE now have the opportunity to combine the citizens of the cold (ie without freezing), beef meat and offal (tongue, liver, heart, lung, kidney, tripe, etc.).

About the Company: IPC is the largest enterprise in the food industry and the flagship of the Trans-Baikal region. Modern production capacity, flexible price policy allow the IPC stable to take a position of regional leader in the production of sausages, delicatessen, intermediates and products of fish. The product range includes more than 260 name. IPC owns its own retail network of branded stores, 18 of which are located in Chita, and another 6 — to Antipihe, Darasun, Karymskoe, Makkaveevo, fly away and Jasnogorsk. To learn in detail about the product, read the news of the IPC can be on the corporate website:

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