MAKS-2013. Sukhoi Superjet 100 LR: machine parts against the presentation …

On Thursday, August 29 at the International Air Show was good weather, even a little bit out of the sun and in conjunction with the blue sky created the conditions for getting good shots. Among several interesting events, I would like to mention the handover ceremony of the first Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft airline Long Range "Gaspromavia." This event started at 10:00 am, almost as soon as I went to the air show. After short speeches ceremony moved inside the plane and had a short time to get around the plane around, until the people had wandered off of the landing gear …


We begin, as expected, withheadNose

Let me remind you that the Sukhoi SuperJet 100 Long Range — this is a modification to an increase of 1.5 times the maximum range (4578 km, in contrast to the base — 3048 km.), Certified IAC August 22, 2013

The front landing gear. Headlights.

All the same, someone caught! They are also interested in the rack …

The junction leading edge of the wing and fuselage all done very carefully! Finishing allowed the sun reflected in it!

This shot shows well when you have to explain what a supercritical airfoil!

Circuits, Circuits

The rear of the pylon. Clearly visible technological hatches on the lower surface of the wing box.

According to experts, it is — one of the most difficult places, from the point of view of the local aerodynamics at transonic speeds. As well as the main (left) landing gear.

Input Device

Under the wing of an airplanesings about somethingThe Pole is suspended from the engine.

Circuits, Circuits …

The output device of the left engine. Slightly above the visible form of the pylon, remember I talked about the local aerodynamics on okolozvuke — from here.

The left main landing gear. Niche chassis. Flap hinge fairings assemblies.

While everyone was at the presentation inside the plane, I also visited the "inside" …

Oh …! Not only am I!

Aft fairing of the left wing.

A general view of the middle part of the plane left, back, bottom.

The tail section.

The only place on the external surface of the aircraft fell out a few of tolerance: the zone of skin in the rear pressure bulkhead

Oh, I think I became interested in technology! A few minutes before the start …

The rays of the sun — for free!

In response the speaker CEO "Gazpromavia" Andrey Ovcharenko

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At a time when some gossip, Superjet gaining a place in our skies!


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