Malaysia will buy 18 Russian Su-30MKM $ 50 million each

Malaysian military want their version of the Russian Su-30MKM was not weaker than the Indian


The military department expects Malaysia to buy more from Russia 18 Su-30MKM adapted to the Russian-Indian cruise missile "BrahMos". Malaysians would also greatly expand the range of services for modernization of Russia, as well as procedural works fighter Sukhoi.

Malaysian Defense Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi on Tuesday to visit Aviation Plant "Irkut" where do Su-30MKI fighters for India. According to "Izvestia" a source in the military and diplomatic circles, it is expected that there eastern guest will sign a contract for 18 multi-role fighters Su-30MKM in addition to the same party received under the contract in August 2009. The cost of one machine with the subsequent service is about $ 50 million

— Malaysians are no longer satisfied with the same level of military-technical cooperation, it is necessary not just buying — selling, and more thorough technical cooperation with our country, beyond which soon will be outlined in Moscow. In turn, Russia is ready to provide the implementation of contracts Malaysian their latest know-how, and to meet on the stated theme — noted "Izvestia".

According to him, Malaysia's party wishes to discuss with Russia above all, the ability to upgrade their version of the Su-30MK with the suffix "M" for equipping the new missiles, including Russian-Indian supersonic 'BrahMos'. In this case, the final decision on the introduction of specific international brands in the range of aircraft weapons Malaysians have not yet adopted.

According to military experts, the adaptation of "BrahMos" on fighter greatly increases the export potential and missiles and fighter planes of the Su-30MK.
In India, the claim that the lite version of the supersonic cruise missile "BrahMos fighter entered service the Indian version of the Su-30MKIv 2012. In contrast to the ground, the missile for the aircraft by 500 kg lighter. In order to reduce its weight was reduced in size and the booster is installed more simple nose cone.

Flight tests of the missile "BrahMos", integrated on board the Su-30MKI is already underway and should zavershitsyav 2012 In the first stage missile "BrahMos" will be equipped with 40 Indian Su-30MKI fighters. According to sources, "BrahMos" has a flight range of 290 km, the speed of M = 2.5-2.8, maximum altitude 15 km, the head of the mass of 300 kg. The missile is produced joint venture "BrahMos Aerospace." On the Russian side, it involves NGOs Engineering.

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