Malaysian Su-30MKM admired American aviators

U.S. Air Force fighter planes for the first time held a joint exercise with the Russian-made aircraft 
Malaysian King Mizan Zainal Abidin made one of the "dryers" to its nominal fighter.



Photos from the official website of the Royal Malaysian Air Force Fighter USAF F-15C for the first time held a joint exercise with the two-week 
Russian aircraft Su-30MKM was in service with the Royal Malaysian Air Force, told an international aviation website


"We were flying with a" dry "one-on-one, in a direct line of sight and beyond, providing a large number of tasks. As expected, their new aircraft proved itself well. In flight, they showed tremendous agility while performing basic combat maneuvers. During the execution of tasks in the absence of sight fighters showed mastery of the situation in the air ", — told the site commander of the 18th Wing United States Air Force Brigadier General Matt Mollow. According to him, "for many American pilots the opportunity to fly along with the MiG-29 and Su-30 is available only once in their career." General hopes that in the future, the U.S. division of the Air Force and the Malaysian squadron of the Su-30 can operate from a single airfield, thereby significantly expanding the knowledge of aviation pilots tactics.

Recall that in 2003 a multi-purpose Su-30MKM has won the tender announced a year ago by the Ministry of Defence Malaysia. The main competitor of the Su-30MKM was considered an American F-18 "Super Hornet". But after careful consideration of all the bidders Royal Malaysian Air Force preferred the Russian aircraft. In May 2003, the Ministers of Defence of Malaysia and initialed the contract for the delivery of 18 Su-30MKM. In August of the same year, during an official visit to Malaysia by Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a contract for the supply of these parties fighting vehicles. The Su-30MKM aircraft entered service 11 Squadron KVVS Malaysia. 

Multi-purpose fighter Su-30MK — one of the most sought after in the international market of combat vehicles. This is the first production fighter plane with a super-maneuverability and radar with a phased antenna array. Fighters such as the Su-30MK is selected as the main combat aircraft Air India, Algeria and Malaysia.

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