Mankind will soon learn about the neighbors in the Universe

The British astrophysicist told when humanity learns about the neighbors in the Universe

SWemlyane learn about the existence of aliens in the coming years, 40 years, says British astrophysicist Martin Rees. And it's not so much about extraterrestrial life within the solar system, but about exoplanets. In particular, the rapid development of science in the coming decades will allow scientists to "see" the distant planet by 2025, and possibly to determine whether they are inhabited, recounts his words The Daily Mail.

Now we know that the stars have a "suite" of planets like our own sun, with the basic information about it obtained mainly in the last ten years, said the former president of the Royal Society of London. "The origin of life, the place of its existence and the question of the existence of aliens — will be key in the next 40 years," Rice said at the launch of a new series of TV programs of one of the greatest scientists of our time, a colleague of Stephen Hawking.

Unlike Hawking, stating that "science can explain the universe without God," Lord Rees admits that some of the scientific mysteries are beyond human understanding, and that we may even need the help of extraterrestrial beings to find out more. In this sense, he compared people with chimpanzees, which, no matter how they were like the people will never understand quantum theory.

Martin Rees also believes that people — this is not the pinnacle of evolution. He did not rule out that will posthuman era, then that may be received and the answers to questions that seem intractable now.

According to the newspaper, last year, Lord Rees said that "strangers" may already be "right in front of us," but in such a way that the person is not able to recognize them. "The problem is that we are looking for their own kind, assuming that they at least have something similar to our" math "and" technology "- he commented. He added: "I suspect somewhere there might exist such a life and mind, which we can not comprehend."

Stephen Hawking also believes that, in many parts of the universe there is a biological life, but warns against contact with her. "Some forms of possessing consciousness of life may represent a great danger to us. I do not rule out that our planet can be conquered and plundered by aliens ", — he said in one of his broadcasts two years ago.

The argument offered scientist to look at the experience of humanity itself. "If aliens ever visit us, I think the result will be in much the same way as the result of the expedition of Columbus for Native Americans — its development is over for them is not very favorable," — said Hawking.

Predictions about finding friends and enemies in the universe and give Russian astronomers. Even last year, the chairman of the Institute of Applied Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences Andrei Finkelstein said: "Now we can say with absolute certainty that the life of the mind — an ordinary thing in the universe and in the coming decades, scientists discover places in our galaxy, where the life is."

Meanwhile, the Russian scientist suggested that "this life is strikingly similar to the one we present here." The aliens will be different from earthlings except skin color, "and it is us." According to him, the signs of extraterrestrial life Russian astronomers expect to find over the next 25 years.

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