Mansky and Krolsky railway tunnels (PHOTOS)

Photo report by Vadim Mahorova

Not so long ago, along with LJ user backdor went to Krasnoyarsk. For a week we shot 4 industrial facility. The last object in the programe were under construction Mansky and a ready-made Krolsky railway tunnels. Photos show there now. The other three sites are in the following posts.

1. Tunnel Shield

Subject underground construction has always been interesting for me, but if metrotonneli and their construction I've seen enough, in a newly built train d tunnel I'm only the second time, and the very first time I saw tunneling.

Although w d tunnels do not have any secrets for themselves, to the mountain where the tunnel is laid, are unlikely to build a secret bunker and communications center (although there are exceptions everywhere ;)), they still look epic and even something interesting than the subway. The fact that the diameter of f g tunnel 9.5 meters instead of 5.5 metropolitenovskih, so their construction also looks bigger.

2. The entrance to the tunnel

Mansky railway tunnel is situated on a plot of Abakan-Taishet Krasnoyarsk Railway. The new construction Manskiy old tunnel built in parallel, at a distance of 59 meters. The second line tunnel was designed as part of a double-track line on the transfer motion. At the end of construction is planned to reconstruct the old thread Mana tunnel.

3. Inside the tunnel boring machine in the complex. The complex has a length of about 100 meters

Construction is carried out by JSC "Bamtonnelstroy." The tunnel will have a length of 2460 m and a diameter of 9.5 m addition to the main tunnel has already been passed tunnel having a diameter of 3.56m — a technical tunnel for maintenance and evacuation of people from the ground in case of emergencies.

4. Laying tubing

On an average day being built, or if accurate to say are about 20 meters. The hardness of the rock comes to f = 19, which sometimes makes it difficult to tunneling.


6. The whole breed that was developed shield, sent by conveyer belt outside of the tunnel.

7. Excavation is performed by rotating on the axis of the rotor with a shield of steel cutters. In the picture on the background of the work of the rotor





12. At the moment, covered most of the intended length


A good addition to Manske tunnel was to visit Krolsky, which is located on the same section of the railway and which has already completed. I once wrote already about this tunnel, at that time it was under construction. Krolsky tunnel until that is unique to Russia. Its uniqueness is that it was built without the use of niches in which to hide on a plan to work from a passing train. Instead of niches throughout the tunnel overhead bridge is laid, which is much more convenient.

14. Portals in the old and new Krolsky

15. Old Krolsky tunnel

16. Inside. The tunnel under the plan soon to be reconstructed.

17. The portal of the old tunnel

18. This new Krolsky and the same bridge on the left

19. The tunnel 2,253 m

20. In this tunnel, even pleasant to be. We waited for about one and a half hours for the some train to shoot him in the tunnel, but it did not work, the train does not come, and we had to go back to Krasnoyarsk.

21. Breakthrough leading to the tunnel. It — emergency exit of the tunnel.

22. We go to Breakthrough

23. Adit

That's all, thank you for your attention.

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