Manual BCD support the Revolution through social networks

"Are they going to guide the unregistered Belarusian Christian Democracy party tonight to participate in the national celebrations on October Square, which call for a social network?" — This issue was made today at a press conference to the leadership of the party.

Co-chair of the organizing committee of the party, former presidential candidate Vitaly Rymashevski:

"We support this action. And, of course, the leadership of the party will take part in it. This spontaneous protest. And I think that the political forces be in solidarity with the Belarusian people. And not just to show solidarity, but also to conduct yard. Therefore people , that spontaneously come out into the street often do not know possible continue to seek solutions to the issues that concern them.

Personally, I'm not afraid to go to October Square. However, this time it will be someone else, not me. It — total party decision. "

Through social networks was a call to go out to the Square every Wednesday. A festival without banners and flags — a form of protest chosen to participants can not be blamed for mass action. The requirements of participants — the political and economic changes.

Co-chairman of the organizing committee Aleksei Shein:

"We all understand that these shares will be as efficient and productive as there will be less samopiara political leaders."

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