Mardi Gras in Skolkovo

A few days ago me and carbon_mucus , as part of other bloggers — "opinion leaders Runeta" invited in Skolkovo. Bloggers gathered to "talk with Vekselberg, Naumov, pozadavat comfortable or uncomfortable questions in an informal setting." The whole meeting was recorded on video so that all will soon find out. I just tezisno describe the experience.

In Skolkovo now open field, around which some objects, such as warehouses, hangars, something like a boiler room. But that does not mean they have started to work less than a year ago, the project construction only ready. 

We were placed in a large tent, where the opinion of the bloggers influenced khalyavnyy whiskey and snacks, and later pancakes. Although the issues were different, including about drank. I will not retell the answers will be video, see for yourself. I asked two questions 

1. Why for the applicant to participate in the project required a mandatory foreign participant.

Vekselberg said that the item has caused heated discussions, but in the end decided to keep it. The point is simple, every major scientist must exist in the international scientific environment, communicating with colleagues from abroad and can not do this, scientific environment — an open environment. If a scientist says, "I do not need anyone, I myself smart," this is wrong. Therefore this point with one hand automatically reserves for project development only serious scholars, on the other, for them it's not onerous, as co-operation in foreign colleagues, of course. Although, Vekselberg said, we also have programs for start-ups, where this requirement is not necessary.

2. Why have built Skolkovo near Moscow.

The answer — and nowhere more foreign partners do not fetch. Although Vekselberg said that Moscow was practically the only city in Russia, where the combination of all the elements of the infrastructure, logistics and other things, but as I understand, still the most important thing was just a psychological predisposition Western partners is to Moscow. Here they are easier to pull.

Several times affected person Navalny. For the first time, after someone seems representative of the newspaper "Izvestia" suggested that Navalny to the project. On what was the answer — as we have already called twice. I really do not understand in what capacity he was called, but realized that he was invited to the event for sure and he refused. Instead of having to personally ask questions on any existing skolkovo personally Vekselberg, Bulk prefers to use articles from the "News". 

By the way, I could be wrong, but I have the feeling that this is the zaslanets "Izvestia", such as uneven breathing strontium in Bulk, which, given that Navlny often uses materials well known for its "revelations", gives some idea. 

Then they went to burn the effigy. Someone joked that it's stuffed Navalny. Symbolically it looked burning in this world :)

The feel of the whole — a purely positive. Really felt that people were excited about. Vekselberg boasted that recently resigned from TNK-BP and is now able to 100% of the time given to the project. People really are burning idea. But at the same time, they do not do this project that it inflated from the media and bloggers. The project is important, but not as something unique and global, it is important as a first experience as a kind of attempt to first create and then make arrangements to combine science and business, to destroy the existing gap. Skolkovo is the essence of these mechanisms, this created there, as they put it, "ekosreda" rather than buildings, roads and offices, which will appear on Skolkovskom field. It's just simply a side effect of the idea, one of many of its mechanisms. 

Later, after the event, was able to talk with the people involved in the development of ideas, and then communicate all doubts have disappeared. In Skolkovo no drank, is a completely different level … I do not know why, thinking, perhaps, ideology, comprehension of the surrounding. They are not smarter, they are no better, no, they just sort of parallel world … but I was tired, and now probably will not be able to explain what I mean. 

Perhaps the idea was a success. And already going home, I thought it would be nice to create a public house … bloggers. Not that it is not clear who is in the public room where people sit, has long been divorced from the people, and "walking in people" that would like to find out where he works, and to protect, when suddenly what "boatman" destroy. It should be the opposite, that would be representatives of the people, went to the authorities and asked how things up there, why raise fares, why build Skolkovo, and then descended to himself to his environment, and telling everyone that there really is. A couple of "walkers". But on a permanent basis.

And Navalny in this chamber to invite. But he will not go, they do not come to this meeting. Well, it's good.


On the way to Skolkovo, we first got lost and then got stuck. But in the end, having overcome all adversity, we still made it to the end. Somehow, even symbolically, it came out :)

But that same "effigy bulk", we then burned.

And this is the tent in which there was a discussion.

During the event was broadcast tweeter. Nobody Moder, so that reports that "all had a drink," appear regularly.

Viktor Vekselberg.

So in conclusion, I admit, yes, we are all bribed. From organizer of the event We got mittens and Skolkovo gave us all rugs in the company colors fund.

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