Marie Lenormand. Telling the fate of Tarot

Marie Lenormand — The name was well known to every educated Europeans in the late 18th century. This woman received the title of one of the most enlightened fortunetellers its time. Its predictions for the Queen of France, Marie Antoinette, Russian Emperor Alexander I, Napoleon and many of the nobility were always perfectly accurate.

In a small town not far from Paris May 27, 1772 a girl named Anna-Maria Adelaide Lenormand. The second name was added to the parents, in memory of one of the daughters died previously. In the last months of pregnancy girl's mother had fallen as a result of this accident, the child was convulsed with a coat hanger and with legs of different lengths. It was believed that in this town often born a girl with psychic abilities, and on the local mountain witches held their dark covens.

Despite its difference from other children Maria began to receive an excellent education at the Abbey, which is located nearby. But everything changed the fact that at age 7, the girl began to open up the gift of foresight. She foretold the future girlfriends, very much frightened nuns. In 1781, Mary predicted shift prioress of the abbey, and her prediction has come true. After a while, she was expelled.

Lenormand family moved to Paris, and 12 year old girl started to work in the laundry. It was here that she met with the popular fortune-teller that time Mrs. Gilbert, who taught Mary and speculate on the Tarot cards. In 1993, already a lady Maria Anna opens his "Bureau of clairvoyance", believing themselves strong enough fortune teller.

She foretold the death of three ardent revolutionaries who were killed in the same order and at the time, as she had predicted.

In France, reigned vague revolutionary time and suspicious revolutionaries were quick to imprison Mlle Lenormand. It happened in 1794. In those days of terror and arbitrariness no one could live safely in the future, which is why the predictions of Mary gave hope to many prisoners. Note that while prisons were overcrowded and influential nobles. This fact helped to survive and most Lenormand, when after the depreciation of money began to carry her products.

Anna-Maria Adelaide Lenormand lived productive lives, having influence with their predictions on the course of the fate of many people of power.


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