Mariupol port technology updates

In 2011, the port of Mariupol has invested over 62 million USD .. own investment in retooling: it was purchased 19 trucks of various capacities: seven 5-ton and three 16-ton firm "Yale", the two firms "Kalmar" (25-ton and 28-ton), four firms "SMV" (two — 32-ton and two — 37-ton), three bucket 2.5m kub.firmy "Liebherr".

For operation in the port also acquired special: two bulldozers company "Liebherr", one locomotive (TGM 4-B), two tractor-rail adhesion, one hoist 35 m (type "Aichi"). Carport port added eleven units of machines for various purposes, including a fire.
Dockers does not stop there — in 2012 it is planned to acquire gantry crane "Mark-362, sixteen trucks of various capacities, two terminal tractors, three roll-trailer, empty container handlers and telescopic loader, tractor with attachments.
This year, the port fleet also be added dredger dredging company "Damen" and possibly a new ice-class tugs.

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