Marsh success

Dear citizens of the Russian Federation! Our common cause — the revival of the Great Russia! Our geopolitical rivals seek by all means to stop us. In the course are all means. Their motto — "divide and rule". Their "success" we have seen many times in our history. Unfortunately, their influence is felt today. We must all take responsibility for the future of our country and our children. We must find the strength to overcome our differences, as our ancestors did, joining and forgetting all the strife in the face of danger. We have to forget about their own benefit as it is a question about the independence of our Motherland. Only together can we — the power!

The union of citizens of Russia have already started the process of bringing people together who love their country, under the banner of the "March of success." For several months we go out on the streets of Russian cities to inform our fellow citizens that we have a great country that you want to love. Enough to look west and see only the litter in our hut. Today in Russia built a lot of schools, kindergartens, hospitals open with the latest equipment, commissioning thousands of miles of new and high-quality roads. This process goes smoothly, but it is coming. And we must do everything we can to help the Fatherland.


Under the banner of the "March of Success" is becoming more and more Russians from various cities of the country. According to tradition, on the first day of each month of the Trade Union activists of Russian citizens to the streets to tell their countrymen about the success of Russia.

Informing the Russians about the achievements of our country in various fields, be it science, sports, health or building, members of the PGR, in fact, do the work of the media. Why? Because of the Trade Union activists believe that today Russia is deformed information space.

After the news article on the next channel if you do not just want a bullet in the forehead to let, then, at least, immediately pack their bags and "fell out of Raska" is still intact. It seems that some media are propaganda aimed against Russia, artificially keeping silent about the positive things that are taking place in our daily life. Savoring the details of accidents and police chronicle, representatives of the "Goebbels media" stubbornly refuse to cover the positive aspects of life in Russia, or paying attention to them is negligible in the total amount of information.

The union, the extent of its powers and possibilities, trying to rectify the situation. And consider it necessary to conduct a "Marches of Success", while on the first of each month. The group for VKontakte, which constantly provides news with a "plus". CDP activists believe that we all need a positive charge and a positive attitude to further achievements for the benefit of Russia. And without good news just will not do!

April 2 "March of Success" was held in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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