Marsh success

November 1, 2011 NGO Citizens' Union Russia launches campaign "March of success." On the first day of each month we will be giving away in busy areas of Russian cities leaflets with information about the most significant achievements of our country. New factories, scientific discoveries, built roads, homes and hospitals. In short everything that is positive, what is really happening in the country.

Most of the Russian media deliberately sowing despair and hopelessness. Because controlled from abroad. "Backward" Raska ", from which you want to" cut "anywhere — here is the thesis that we routinely implanted. Thus, they educate our fellow citizens inferiority complex, carefully trying to jam at the root of any patriotic sentiment.

Public organization Russian Union of Citizens of one of the first starts to struggle against the lies of the regular pouring on us. We decided to go out on the streets of our cities, to convey to fellow simple idea: Russia's alive!

We want to tell our countrymen that Russia — the country, not only the potential but also the real achievements. And — today. We have much to be proud of! We will talk about the new production, pro Launched court about adopted at the latest defensive weapons systems about successes agriculture, science and education and social infrastructure, the new educated about the laws.

No one except the citizens of Russia can not change the lives of their country for the better. And for all the positive changes need to believe in the success and positive attitude. It is by faith in yourself, in your country and we want to share with their fellow countrymen.

About Us: Public Organization "Union of Russian citizens" was founded April 12, 2011. Consistently opposed the Russian entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO), assuming that membership in this organization will harm the Russian economy. To consider its rebirth of a strong sovereign Russia, due to the following main steps:

1. The nationalization of the country's financial system, the nationalization of the ruble.

2. The nationalization of natural resources, the nationalization of mineral resources.

3. The monopoly of foreign trade in strategic natural resources that are under the control of the state.

Place of action: November 1, 2011 g, the time — 13-00 — 15-00

Moscow: Metro Ulitsa 1905, access to the Zvenigorod highway

St. Petersburg: 1 November 2011., Time — 13-00 — 15-00

Vladimir m, st. Most of Moscow, near the house of 8/2.

Yaroslavl: Area Labor, time: 12-00 — 14-00.

Just like shares will be held in Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Ivanovo and other cities.

Contact: Press Secretary of the Moscow branch PGR Nils Johansen


St. Petersburg — Stanislav Skopylatov +7-905-261-82-28


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