Marsh success

Marsh success February 1, 2012

February 1, 2012 public organization Russian Citizens Union held the third picketing within the "March of the success." We once again took to the streets to tell the citizens of Russia about the achievements of our country, who are silenced by domestic media.

Russia — the country, not only the potential but also the very real achievements — this is the main message of our campaign.


"We need to recognize that, from the point of view of the weather, to defend the claimed time was not easy. But the proposal to end the picket had not been taken. In picket was born an interesting analogy. Napoleon had not been treated kindly by the Russian winter, Hitler had a difficult life in the 41st, and that's "orange" on Feb. 4 at the Swamp will not be easy. Despite the cold, many passers-by stopped and read the posters. It is true for individuals zamezshim difficult to guess the emotions, but since reading all the posters, so that interested them. When we went out, the police came out of the warm car to wish us well. This is our country. This is our homeland. We are ready to act! "

St. Petersburg.

In St. Petersburg, the "March of Success" was held as always in the best tradition of cultural capital. Despite the cold weather, steady in our city, picket gathered even greater number of participants than was stated in the notice. Pass people, despite the cold, staying read leaflets and supported us in every possible way. One can say that those who disagree with our position that Russia is not all as bad as they say it in some media, each time getting smaller. If, during the first actions of some people walking past the picket, because of their beliefs did not agree with us, expressing their "vsepropalschetskie" sentiment, but this time these people almost was not.



"The end of winter was marked in central Russia thirty-degree frost, and the morning of the 1st of February, the day of the rally, we were met by the temperature — 27 degrees. The representative of the City Department of Political movements quickly took a picture of our posters, spread with us a couple of parting words and quickly retreated, apparently in a warmer place.

But our pickets, despite the cold, with firmness in the hour and a half, distributes leaflets listing the achievements of our country and the city, and talked with citizens, which, in turn, in spite of the steady weather, still showed interest in us and are often themselves suited for the leaflets.

It was nice to meet people who have demonstrated an understanding of the situation, in particular, expressed his opinion on the recent visit to "our" liberal American embassy (that's really a visual confirmation of the thesis that "all the masks dropped"), and, most importantly, definitely invalid revolution in our country. It is also nice to hear again the words of support in his address.

There is a feeling that the output of the first of every month to talk about the progress of the motherland has become a good tradition of our union, the tradition by which each cell, each member of the Trade Union of Russian citizens contribute to the common cause incessant attempts to counter the enemies of our country from abroad and traitors within tarnish our country in the media, shut up and make fun of it, our common achievements, our people attempt to impose guilt for all the bad things that were in the world, to spread in the community apathy and despondency. But our organization is not going to put up with the lies, driven by genuine patriotism, says it all "NO"! Russia is alive! And we have much to be proud of! Glory to Russia! "


"01.02.12 in the city of Ivanovo was held March Success, of 12 employees (representatives from 4-fives town) Pus
hkin Square (city center). Frost was certainly a strong -25 degrees, but within 2 hours handing out leaflets and further distributed leaflets and on the trial of Mikhail Gorbachev. Despite the cold, people stayed and talked, asked for whom we're campaigning. Lithuanians were given 500 and 150 on the march by Gorbachev. Tip: We have the second event is not accompanied by police (none). Although all of our past actions and pickets are always present. "


"February 1, 2012 in Kaliningrad was all-Russian action" March of success. " Members of the Kaliningrad branch PGR, one after another, had three singles rally near the monument "Motherland — Mother" and in Victory Square. Despite the unusually strong cold for Kaliningrad, passers-by stopped, carefully looked at signs reading, "Do not let the collapse of the country", actively interested in the content of leaflets, engage in conversation with the picketers. Once again we saw that affected our share issues concern our citizens.

There were also discussions. Not everyone understood where all of us can make an incorrect assessment of the situation in the country. But constructive dialogue helped to clean up the heads.

One question has not caused any controversy: assessing personality and activity traitor Gorbachev. His trial — the restoration of historical justice, this was agreed to by all. Without exception.

Kaliningrad Branch of PRTs will continue to actively participate in promoting the ideas of patriotism and love for their homeland. "


Novosibirsk branch of the CDP, in extreme weather conditions (-30C) held next March Success! To defend the picket all the declared hour was not real, but to draw attention to the frozen citizens, within a short period of time, we have tried. Handed out hundreds of flyers about, and hopefully gave passers-by a piece of his good, optimistic mood!

To finish today's report, the positive news we have reflected in their leaflet:

Another victory for PGR

The public organization "Union of Citizens of Russia" has sued over the collapse of the country by MS Gorbachev, former President of the Soviet Union. For the first time in the history of modern Russia to criminal liability may be engaged senior official of the country. The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation formally accepted the application and assigned case number.

New production RUSNANO

By 2012, with the financial participation of RUSNANO and running more than 13 new productions for various products using nanotechnology.

Revenge of the Russian cinema

In the battle of the New Year for the first time in many years, the Russian managed to win Hollywood movies in terms of gross fees. And not only in Russia, but also in Ukraine.

In December, Russia has opened more than 40 new productions

The volume of investment only 24 entered production reached more than 31 billion rubles. The number of new jobs for only 20 new companies — more than 4.5 million people.

"Russian gigahertz 4-core processors put into mass production"

As a result, the state tests signed acceptance certificates development work to create a system on a chip "MCST-4R" and CPUs based on it. When you create a unique achieved for domestic development indicators.

GLONASS now in Mobile Technology

Russian navigation system GLONASS already support smartphones of Sony, Apple, Nokia, Samsung and Motorola

"Angstrom" — one of the largest suppliers of chips

Every sixth mobile phone chips in the world is located in Zelenograd near Moscow company "Angstrom". It is today one of the largest global suppliers of chips for LED control and delivers monthly assembly enterprises in South-East Asia and 20 million chips.

An effective method of dealing with liver cancer

In MUCTR. Mendeleev developed one of the most effective treatments currently inoperable primary and metastatic cancer. Development of Russian scientists awarded the Grand Prix for best innovative exhibit at the International Forum «Expopriority'2011».

"Bulava" take on arms

The test cycle is completed, the complex will be put into service. Thus, the marine component of the strategic nuclear forces (SNF) receive the latest Russian solid-propellant intercontinental ballistic missile, which, according to experts, can overcome any missile defense system.


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