Martial lasers become a sign of a superpower

Martial lasers become a sign of a superpower
U.S. forces already in the near future will have to adopt a new superweapon. Several professionals have seen already in this Washington’s desire to consolidate the state’s superpower status at the next turn of scientific and technical progress. As a superweapon in this time playing solid state laser which is capable, according to media reports, spalivat purpose «as a blowtorch.» Already in 2014 operating laser system will need to show one of the American warships in the Persian Gulf.

It will happen for 2 years earlier than previously planned. Prerequisite around the highest R & D intensity in a given direction. It is reported that the laser will be able to successfully combat fight with combat boats and enemy UAV. With all of this while he lacks the power to fight with supersonic aircraft and missiles in the final movement of the line, but it’s only a matter of time.

Experimental laser system will be installed at the troop transport-dock «Pons» type «Austin», it reports the South American newspaper The Wall Street Journal. This ship comes in the 5th Fleet of the U.S. Navy, whose area of ​​responsibility the currently playing the Persian Gulf and the western Indian Ocean. The laser gun, the price of which is estimated at 32 million dollars, will be used to defeat the Iranian UAV and light boats. According to the military, this instrument can be quite excellent weather criteria used in the Persian Gulf.
It is reported that the laser gun will be installed on board the transporter first of next year. Earlier this laser cannon stood on the destroyer «Dewey» type «Arleigh Burke.» In August and September 2012 laser gun took part in the tests, during which the new instrument was able to hit 3 UAV. Later laser gun used for target lesion boats. In total, the new superweapon managed to hit 12 goals in 12.

Work on the creation of a laser gun (which received the designation LaWS) for the needs of the U.S. Navy conducted, since 2007. In this installation, use solid-state laser. This laser can not hit targets at large distances, but are eligible for the destruction of small aircraft at medium and short distances. Besides, LaWS can be used to blind optical surveillance ships and unmanned aerial vehicles. Currently, laser gun LaWS customizable and is preparing for the upcoming long-term service in the marine criteria.

It is reported that the price of a similar laser system is now 32 million bucks, but in the long run with the start of serial production of its price should fall. At the same time every shot laser gun only cost just one dollar (or maybe even less), while the launch of short-range interceptor acts costing taxpayers 1.5 million dollars. South American military sailors are convinced that the introduction of such tools will allow them to save large sums of foreign currency spent on ammunition (laser gun has unlimited ammo). Price a cheap shot, and for her work requires nothing except a massive energy sources.

Also, the U.S. Navy released a video in which a laser gun LaWS within firing on tests simply knocks UAV. Presented on the record shows, as an unmanned aerial vehicle breaks and just a couple of seconds is converted into a flaming torch, will be smashed to pieces. With all this new laser is not as smooth as we would like. Research center of the U.S. Congress noted that the problem of introduction of laser guns are still not allowed to finish. Namely, the data are very much influenced by the weather criterion, and to protect themselves from exposure to them will help ordinary smoke Zahav.

Ordinary and precipitation phenomena such as fog, rain, sand storms, reduce the efficiency of combat lasers. With all this the Americans, realizing this, tried to make an adaptive optical system. Its prototype served as a system that was used in telescopes. As the basic element there is used a mirror that is able to change the characteristics of curvature of its own to 670 times per second. So there is the possibility that the South American military will be able to increment the efficiency of fire in bad weather criteria applicable to level.

But there is such a laser gun and cons that fix does not work. Laser gun fire can lead only to visible targets. In this case, if the object is located beyond the horizon or nestled other objects, it remains elusive for the new superweapon. If talk about the flying purposes, such as UAVs, then from the laser is relatively easy to protect the reflective surface. Despite this, laser systems are promising and harsh instrument by which the United States imposed a fairly high hopes.

Currently, the United States needs to hold the status of a superpower, this country needs to overtake its geopolitical rivals in the military-technical sphere. U.S. needs a breakthrough and the ability to break away as it once even if only for a few years, came with a nuclear weapon. In these days of nuclear weapons is no longer perceived as something unattainable. Naturally, it is not at all far away countries, and read about its exclusivity is no longer necessary. Moreover, the monopoly on nuclear weapon are losing not only the Americans, and other members of the UN Security Council decided to limit the likelihood of once konkurentnst Contract Non-Proliferation of nuclear weapons. Non-proliferation regime that implements eroded over time, despite the accepted members of the «nuclear club» efforts. For this reason, those of the main players, who still claims to world domination, began experiencing an understandable concern.

Importantly that superpower without superweapon just does not happen. Military force, which is an order of magnitude would be different from the military forces of other countries — one of the 4 more fundamental parts that capture the exclusivity of the country in the international arena. With 3 other elements superpower today are high economic potential, ideological and political standing in the world, global expansionist aspirations. They are all in the United States in one degree or another are. It is only the latest in a frightening club, the possession of which greatly simplifies promoting their own interests, and even more effective than all the tricks of diplomacy.

Not for nothing is said that a good word and a gun, you can achieve much more than just a good word. In today’s world as earlier rights whoever stronger. So it was in throughout the history of mankind, more striking example from the past is the Roman Empire I-II centuries of our era. In those years the empire towered over the rest of the world in almost all major indicators, which was characterized national power of the country. With all of this in the Roman Empire was the superpower mission — to civilize empire surrounding peoples own image and likeness.

Martial lasers become a sign of a superpower

The only missing element superpower United States at the present time is the lack of country superweapon, the mere presence of which could put the possible contenders in the state of Washington multimillion Aztec empire against thugs 500 Cortez, armed with an arquebus. Musket was 100 times more deadly spear gun is many times more efficient than silicon guns and battleship, filled steam engine outshine any galley with at least a hundred, even with tyschey oarsmen rowed. With all this technical effect and civilizational divide in similar clashes began working with stunning efficiency. Hence the eagerness U.S. as much as possible and faster as possible to go further ahead in the race of military technology and the practical use of the new tools, says military expert and commentator Viktor Litovkin.

According to a professional, nuclear weapons will soon come to an end, but on the way new types of weapons: ray gun, laser gun, radiological weapon, and EW systems that are able to disable the navigation system, and intelligence tselukazaniya opponent. And without the use of these systems present for a modern battle is simply impossible. Currently, the case is not even in the iron and armored vehicles, and that all «iron» will not be able to move, as he shut off the engines. Since their guns jammed valves, optical instruments «stop seeing» and the aircraft did not take off, and so on. Specifically, the developments in this direction many see the development of military science.

But the presence of the superpowers and their role in today’s world not everyone agrees. So recognizable Russian politician Yevgeny Primakov, heralding the end of an era superpowers. In his view, the concept of «superpower» is currently the only category of the Cold War. In those years, combined superpower voedinyzhdy around a conglomerate of countries, providing them with safety criteria pretty tough confrontation inverse blocks. Specifically, the security of other states allowed the superpowers to play the role, dominating the decision-making process, which governs all other allies in the alliance. In our days of painting changed. Lack of global confrontation on the planet eliminating the need for cover-up «nuclear umbrella» that the Soviet Union and the United States «revealed» over their partners and allies.

According to the views of Yevgeny Primakov, another indication of the end of the era of the superpowers, is the fact that after the war, the world began to cool towards the development of a multipolar structure. This conclusion is now possible to illustrate near existing examples. One such example — is the European Alliance (EU). Which in our days are turned into one of the centers of power, which is comparable in its capabilities with the United States. Moreover, who now would argue that China, which inflates the economic muscle, want to be part of a unipolar world and will meekly trail behind the events, which are determined from the 1st world center? The same applies to the Russian Federation, the Land of the Rising Sun, India.

But if we continue the argument in the definition of «superpower», you can accept the fact that at least some true superpower should be in the arsenal of their own superweapon. If all this is not always an instrument must be symmetrical. Power states can be different from anyone she can be in combat lasers and anyone available energy. For example, the Russian Federation is the main supplier of hydrocarbons to the world market, which means that if you want our state can become an energy superpower, because no most modern combat laser fails to compensate for the lack of heat on our planet during the winter.

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