Masonic city in the heart of Eurasia!

Just could not ignore this article, found on one of the sites. So I decided to share it with you!

Center of Eurasia, Kazakhstan and its capital with a beautiful name Astana, which means "capital". But just a little rearrange the letters and you get a completely different word (Name), in which lies the most ancient fear that lives in man for thousands of years! Is a coincidence? Maybe because there were, but that's what happens in this town — away from Christian principles. Maybe because this the city is ruled by Masons?

I understand that the "Astana" in Kazakh means "capital", but given the significant percentage of Russian-speaking Orthodox population in the country, is it not possible to come up with something a little less provocative? Even more puzzling coat of arms. Above the word "ASTANA" a strange monogram distinctly reminiscent of (forgive me, Lord) head of Baphomet:

This is a chance or regularity? What is it from the inside, the new capital of Kazakhstan?

Astana — the first capital built in the 21 th century, and perfectly represents the new face of the world. It is truly one man's dream: Nursultan Nazarbayev, president of Kazakhstan. Billions of petrodollars city built from scratch in a remote desert area and the Asian steppes. Amazing result: a futuristic occult capital, combining a New World Order and the glorification of the ancient religion of humanity: the solar cult. The city is still a huge construction site, but the building is completed summarize occult beliefs Nazarbayev.

The Pyramid of Peace

Conceived by Britain's most prolific architect, Lord Norman Foster, this giant pyramid is a strange sight in the middle of the Asian steppes. The building is dedicated to "renounce violence" and "reunification of the world's religions." Norman Foster said the building has no recognizable religious symbols, and it enables the harmonious reunification of confessions. In fact, the pyramid — the temple of the only true occult religion sun worship. Travel inside of this building is truly symbolic. It symbolizes the path of every person to enlightenment. Let's go on a trip.

Pyramid shape

"Dedicated to recognize the shape of a pyramid and the most perfect symbol of the secret doctrine,

and organizations established for the purpose of its distribution. "

— Manly P. Hall, "Secret Teachings of All Ages"

As noted by Manly P. Hall, the pyramid — the main symbol representing the mysteries of ancient civilizations. The majestic in its simplicity, the divine in the proportions (yes really, to form an equilateral triangle, each angle must bend to … 60? — Approx. ImpCommiss), she embodies the spirit of knowledge and dedicated, and the stupidity of the masses.

Today's elite, dedicated to the occult, is the successor of the ancient wisdom and uses a pyramid as a symbol of power in the modern world. Illuminated (or hanging in the air, or lack of it) is the tip of the divine principle present in the universe as well as in every human being. Another symbolic meaning missing the top — the incompleteness of the New World Order. It is believed that the top is put in place when this long-standing project to become a reality. In the world there are other pyramid, symbolizing the power of the elite over the masses.

Arena, Memphis

Hotel "Luxor", Las Vegas

The hotel "Raffles", Dubai

Opera (the base of the pyramid)

Entering the pyramid, we find ourselves in the basement with a dark, cave interior. On this floor is located opera Astana, where fun unsuspecting populace.

Underground Opera

Despite the darkness, almost the entire ceiling takes a picture of the sun.

The solar table

Just above the opera house is the central space of the pyramid. It is used for conferences, reuniting the religious leaders of the world. Stop for a moment and soak up all the symbolism. Religious leaders from around the world sit at the huge figure of the sun, discussing ways to resolve differences hindering the arrival of the New Era. Blatant symbolism: these theology — only processes the initial object of worship: the Sun.

They are much lighter than in the opera, which symbolizes progress towards enlightenment. The image of the sun in the middle of the round table is exactly on top of the opera house of the sun. While the general population fun in the dark of the material world, enlightened, sitting right over them, ponder ways to achieve piety.

Pondering piety

If you've read other articles on this website, you are aware of the purposes of the New World Order. One of them — the replacement of all religions form of neo-paganism. To do this, and these meetings are held. Astana — truly a city of the New World Order.

The top of the pyramid

The top is literally in heaven. Round, all the windows, she basks in the sun. In windows embedded images of white doves, symbolizing peace that comes through the merger of the world's governments and religions under the auspices of the New World Order. The summit is to achieve enlightenment for the individual and global level.

Look at the top of the ceiling:

Solar lights enlightened deity. Fine.

Departments of the pyramid (lower dark opera, a conference room in the middle and the top of the divine) embody the Pythagorean vision of the world. The teachings of Pythagoras today thoroughly studied in the occult societies.

Pythagoras divided the universe into three parts, which he called the Supreme World, the Superior and Inferior World Peace. Chief among them, the Supreme Peace, is a thin permeable spiritual essence pervading all things and therefore the true plane of the Supreme Deity, and thus the Divine is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. Both subordinate the world exist in nature that highest sphere.

Peace is the supreme abode of immortals. It is also a place of archetypes, or seals, their nature is not in any way similar to the materiality of the earth, but they are throwing their shadows deep (the Inferior World), are realized only through their shadows. Third, the Inferior World, was the home of those creatures that are composed of material substance or labor employed on a material substance. Thus, it is the abode of the gods of death, the Demiurge, the angels who are dealing with people and the demons that have terrestrial nature. This includes humanity and the lower kingdoms, temporary residents in the land, but capable of rising to the higher realms through reason and philosophy.

Division Three Pyramids

In other words, this pyramid — far more a symbol of philosophy devoted than landmark, attracting tourists.


Deja vu: the exact same symbol on the head of Baphomet (see image above).

Also designed by eminent British architect Sir Norman Foster, the monument is intended as a symbol of the folk tale about a mythical tree of life and a magic bird of happiness. Bird Samruk laid eggs in a crevice between two branches of a poplar. Egg — the golden ball on the top of the monument — again symbolizes the Sun, the supreme deity.

This is the "tree of life" is the channel through which the spirits leave the material world and enter into the divine world. This concept is repeated by most (if not all) of the esoteric societies.
Inside the golden ball, a piece of the movie "Total Recall"

Visitors can climb to the top of the tower and enjoy the beautiful view of Nazarbayev. Here, too, there are some strange things that are worth a look.

Inside the sphere we find here is this mysterious "thing". This is the golden triangle with the imprint of Nazarbayev's hand. Why? To be honest, I do not know. The only thing that I can tell, it looks like something from the movie "Total Recall."

The composition of Bath

This is a ball signed by representatives of seventeen religious denominations. Yes, again it is a question of uniting all religions into one, establishing the New World Order, and so on.

Masonic columns

Two columns and one between them in the background. Could this be a Masonic symbols?

Yes, a couple of gold columns is two columns of Masonry, Boaz and Jachin. I will not go into the essence of symbolism between the columns, but with a high probability, we can say that Nazarbayev — "free and accepted Mason."

The Presidential Palace

The impressive Presidential Palace at the end of a ceremonial path that starts at the Baiterek tower. On the roof of the palace — a large rounded dome, symbolizing femininity, in contrast with the phallic Baiterek Tower, symbolizing the male principle. This layout is present in almost all major cities including Paris and Vashinkton.

Entertainment center "Khan Shatyry"

This unfinished gimmick again designed by Sir Norman Foster (basically, it was designed by the city). On the territory under a tent and a superior 10 football stadiums, will be an urban inner park, shopping and entertainment area with squares and cobbled streets, the river for boating, shopping center, mini-golf and indoor beach. It is said that this building will look like tent near the Temple of Solomon.

Such mobile places of worship, consisting of tents, used the Jews in biblical times. Insiders give these ancient settlements esoteric meaning.

Building plans in Astana

Astana construction continues in full swing, and the plans include amazing projects. Here are some of them.

Central markets

You do not like Jewish Center "Menorah", under construction in Dnepropetrovsk

Designed by our old friend Norman Foster.

Crazy Tower (unofficial name)

Stadium "All Seeing Eye" (unofficial name)

In conclusion,

Representatives of the world's elite create the conditions for unifying the world under the auspices of one government and to distribute it worldwide symbols of their power. Due to the fact that the bulk of the population has no clue about the hidden meaning of these structures, their plans are moving forward without causing problems. But these plans were present for centuries. Manly P. Hall wrote in 1918:

"When the power crowd, a man runs ignorance, when church authorities, it is run by superstition, and when the government in power, a man ruled by fear. Before people can live in harmony and understanding, ignorance must be transformed into wisdom, superstition — the lighted faith and fear — in love. "

The crowd meets democracy, the church of the religion and the state — countries. In other words, before people can live in harmony, we must abolish democracy (because people are too stupid), religion (as it is superstition) and the country (because we need a one world government.) He continues:

"The ideal government of the Earth, in the end, should be similar to the divine government, which streamlined the universe. On the day when it will be restored to perfect order, with the peace of the universe and the triumph of good, people will no longer ask for happiness, because find it within himself. "

Sounds tempting, does not it? Only one thing. When this happens, the majority of the world's population will be dead. On that note, I wish you all a good day.


Personally, I like this article brainwashed. Of course many here may simply be "far-fetched", but a lot of coincidences are just incredible. What to believe you — decide for yourself.


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