Mast urban lighting reserved for new

The economy must be economical! This slogan is true more than ever in our time.

Suppliers of steel products for the infrastructure of New Moscow look for and find the most appropriate and cost-effective methods and technologies for the protection of metal, like most at the destruction of the environment.

For example, a common occurrence in our life, like the masts of urban lighting. Heavy, bulky they are needed everywhere. So as long they served, they should be protected. Someone puts pillars galvanizing:

  1. Transportation to hot dip galvanizing plant — 24 hours
  2. Surface preparation is very harmful substances, hot-dip galvanized — 24 hours
  3. Loading, delivery to the site — 24 hours

Total — 3 days and lots of overhead.

On Odintsovskom machine works have gone the other way, resulting in savings of up to 50% of the costs for corrosion protection. The plant produces mast street lighting for the New Moscow. Anywhere they are not drove the, but right in the shops of the plant on the prepared surface of masts causes zinc-filled song "Mail." The whole process takes 24 hours.

Examples of public lighting poles:  

Already a batch of urban lighting masts with this protective coating made by the method of cold galvanizing. Installation is in progress designs.

This method of corrosion protection allows you to receive protective coatings that are identical to the properties of hot-dipped galvanized metal. It is more technological and economical than traditional methods of applying zinc coatings. The protective coating "Mail" has been successfully applied to steel structures, operating in temperate climates of Eurasia.

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