Maternal Capital in Action

In the Kaliningrad region in October in the Pension Fund office in Kaliningrad region approached 102 mothers with an application for repayment of the loan at the expense of the parent capital.

A first year such statements pension departments visited 954 owner certificates.

Over the entire period of the law on maternity (family) capital in the Kaliningrad region issued almost 25,000 certificates. Its size is indexed annually. In 2012, for those who still do not get it, the parent capital is 387 640 30 rubles. From 1 January 2013 it will be indexed size by 5.5% and reached 408,960 rubles.

In the nearly 6 years in the Kaliningrad region 2788 families have paid funds to the parent capital housing loans, 1824 — directed capital to improve their living conditions through the acquisition, renovation or construction of housing 538 families used the capital to the education of the child or children.

According to the "regional hospital" in Kaliningrad, told the correspondent KaliningradToday the press service OPFR, since the beginning of the law from January 1, 2007, in the Kaliningrad region 62,565 children were born, of which the second and third — 30,301.

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