Matter or consciousness?

November 8, 2011 5:18

If we are sufficiently long and continuously deduct the same desire by repeatedly staging before the universe of the same issue, we modify the quantum probability of the event

When Albert Einstein was a boy, he asked himself: "What if I go on a bike with the speed of light and turn on the lamp, it will shine?" Trying to find a solution to the problem in front of him as a child, he came to the theory of relativity in the youth .
Einstein's theory has shaken the foundations of classical Newtonian physics. The latter was built on the basis of observations of dense material objects — from falling apples to planets. Its laws over the centuries have been repeatedly tested and proven. They are clear and well predict the behavior of physical bodies.

But in the early XX century, when physicists get deeper into the microcosm, they found something very strange: Newtonian physics to the level of "atoms and electrons," is not working! The reason lies in the fact that only on this microscopic level of energy changes dramatically with small jumps (quanta). In the flame of a candle can be seen as the electrons make these jumps red color represents a small quantum leap electron blue — large.

Einstein postulated: nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. But quantum physics has denied brilliant theoretician and proven that subatomic particles can communicate instantly — being separated by any distance.

Of quantum theory were so staggering that they are more like science fiction. For example, micro particle can be in two or more places at once! One of the more recent experiments have shown that one of these particles can be simultaneously in the three thousand places! One and the same "object" can be localized particle and energy propagating through space.

Scientists are faced with the experimental evidence that the process of observation affects the observed phenomenon. In this regard, many researchers came up with a revolutionary idea: we participate in creating reality. Physicist Brian Greene's book "The fabric of space," says: "When we define, for example, the position of the electron, we do not measure objective, pre-existing property of reality. Rather, the act of measurement tightly woven into the creation of the most measurable reality. "

However, the idea that the observer will inevitably affect any observable of the physical process, and that we are not neutral witnesses an event, was first expressed by Niels Bohr. He claimed: Heisenberg's uncertainty principle involves more than just impossible to simultaneously determine the velocity and position of a subatomic particle. Fred Alan Wolf, a physicist, philosopher, and concludes: "It's not just that you can not measure something. That "something" is not at all — as long as you do not begin to observe it. "

Two and a half thousand years ago, the Greek philosopher Democritus first time in history gave up the mind's eye into the matter and concluded that: "In the world there is nothing but atoms and empty space. All the rest — only our assumptions. " Since then, many centuries confirmed the view that the atom — the building block of the universe.

Creators of quantum mechanics have seen: the nucleus and electrons — part of the "atom" — are not a collection of microscopic material bodies and steady wave pattern. Then it turned out that the stability can not speak: atom — a short-term overlap (condensation) energy fields.

Modern research has shown the universe: space empty space — not empty. It is filled with tremendous energy. Each cubic centimeter of absolute vacuum of power as long as is not found in all the material objects of the universe!

But even a thousand years before the Indian sages Democritus argued that outside of reality, which is perceived by our senses, there is another, more "important" invisible reality (vacuum). She — "higher reality" — a more fundamental than the material universe. From it come all the phenomena of our illusory world, and it is something to do with human consciousness. Universe — a living being, a part of which is the people.

Similar provisions are to come today theoretical physicists. Apprentice Einstein David Bohm believes that quantum mechanics confirms the reality — an indivisible whole, in which everything is in a deep relationship outside of ordinary space and time.

He introduced the concept of the existence of "hidden order" (hidden, undetectable physical universe), which implies an "explicit order" (the known universe). Endless convert those orders generate a variety of phenomena of the quantum world. In other words, at its deepest levels of the world is a fundamental field of consciousness, it creates information that defines the existence of the world.

Dr. Edgar Mitchell, American astronaut, founder of the research center, which conducted the study of extrasensory perception of reality has come to this vision during his space trip, "I suddenly realized: the universe is endowed with intelligence. It is moving in a certain direction of development, and we are somehow involved in this great process. " But what is understood by E. Mitchell, is very similar to the spiritual insights of the mystics of different times and places.

To address the question of which came first — the consciousness or matter — humanity has wrestled for a long time. According to conventional wisdom, our consciousness — just the product of brain activity. But religious traditions around the world argue just the opposite. Consciousness — the basis of all existence, and the energy-matter — a product of consciousness. Our brains are not only creates awareness, but limits it! According to many contemporary physicists and philosophers, it is time to create a truly comprehensive "unified theory of the universe", which must be included consciousness.

Nobel laureate physicist John Wheeler of Princeton believes that we — not just "spectators spectacle unfolding on the cosmic scene, but the authors and creators of a single universe."

"Consciousness — is an independent fundamental process inherent in nature and is as widespread in it, like light or electricity," — says Nick Herbert.

According to Dr. Dean Radin, our thoughts and desires become a reality for one very good reason: "All that you do, all that you think and what are dreaming — is distributed in the universe and, of course, affects it. But it is infinite — and our little thoughts and passions can not bring such a "colossus" in immediate and any significant change. I believe that if our passing whims could change reality, we almost immediately would destroy the world. "

"What happens if I go on a bike with the speed of light and turned on the light, it will be light?"

Theoretical physicist Henry Stapp convinced that if we are sufficiently long and continuously deduct the same intention (desire) by repeatedly staging before the universe of the same issue, we modify the quantum probability of the event. In this way we can influence the probabilities of processes of the quantum world and increase the likelihood that we need an event to happen. But the problem is that most people leave their intentions, carrying very little effort. They do not get the desired result and therefore immediately discard the possibility of success.

Quantum mechanics was created to explain the subatomic world. Its creators say to the world: "If we get into the innermost depths of matter — we will see that it is converted into energy. If we describe it mathematically, it appears that the matter is not material at all! The physical universe is not physical. It arises out of the field, more subtle than the energy itself, from a field of more similar to the information or the stream of consciousness. "

Albert Einstein dreamed of a single universal theory of the universe. Today, scientists around the world continue to fight over this task. They are trying to create a Theory of Everything that would connect all the particles and interactions in the universe with a few clear and concise equations like E = mc2.

Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking believes that the next scientific experiments Geneva particle accelerator (or LHC) will play a crucial role in the creation of the theory of everything.

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