Matviyenko was left to the Federation Council senators who hold foreign accounts


MOSCOW, Aug. 19 — RIA Novosti. The Federation Council senators left holding foreign accounts and assets, said on Monday the upper house speaker Valentina Matvienko.

"Some senators who hold such accounts, have decided to resign early. Other members of the Federation Council, to whom this question was, chose to deny service to foreign banks and completed on time all the necessary procedures," — she told reporters.

Thus, according to Matvienko, the senators have demonstrated respect for the law that prohibits certain categories of citizens to have foreign bank accounts, the willingness to comply with it, "instead of looking for ways to get around." 

Speaker of the Federation Council also explained that the commission has the upper chamber of the control over the reliability of information on the income and assets of senators has not been verified by members of the Chamber of the law prohibiting the possession of foreign accounts. She explained that, according to the regulations of the Chamber, these activities are carried out only in the event of a request from a number of individuals and organizations. "At the moment calls, which indicated the failure to comply with this or that senator requirements of the law, have been reported in the Federation Council," — said Matvienko.

She recalled that the Senate unanimously supported the introduction of a legislative ban for high-ranking officials and parliamentarians have accounts abroad. Speaker of the Federation Council believes that the law directs parliamentarians to ensure that they are thereby set an example of patriotism. "Funds should be kept on the Russian rather than foreign accounts so that they work on the Russian economy," — she said.

  Yet after him:

MOSCOW, Aug. 19 — RIA Novosti. Chairman of the Board of JSC "RUSNANO" Anatoly Chubais sold all his shares of the available foreign companies and private funds transferred to the Russian bank said in a statement released Monday on the website "RUSNANO".

This is done "in accordance with the policy of the Russian Federation aimed at increasing investment in the national economy and promote the use of financial instruments in Russia," the report says. The name of a Russian bank is not specified.

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