Mauritius. Seven Coloured Earths

I think that today is to put no news about the end of the world 21.12.12
To set the mood in this warm, sunny morning (at least the weather is now in the Crimea, outside my window ) Suggest visiting a completely unique and fascinating place — Seven Coloured Earths

There is a corner of our planet, where the land from nature painted in seven colors. It is located in Mauritius, near the Black River. It was there, at the famous plains of Chamarel in 1960 manifested a unique geological phenomenon.

Dunes in the place painted in seven colors. Among them are green, red, and purple, unusual brown, yellow, purple and even blue. "Highlight" of these sands is an unusual and completely random coloring layers. Because of this, it seems that everywhere have settled some incredible, abstract paintings. Scientists suggest that the appearance of his multi-colored sands are required to volcanoes. It seems like this is a once molten volcanic rock. And its such a property as variegation — is evidence that it is cooled at very different temperatures.

However, the exact origin of the unusual sand is not yet established. And the characteristics of the soil are still studying. After all surprising that even the rain can not destroy colored layers. Today, the dunes are protected. They are carefully fenced special fence that does not allow tourists to sneak close to the multi-colored sand carpet. However, anyone can purchase a special souvenir tubes with local sand attraction.


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