Mausoleums in Timbuktu. No more of them.

Muslim "rebels" (as they are called now called the Western press) destroyed in the north of Mali, historical and religious sites.

How to tell the people, a few trucks that can hold at least 30 soldiers and each drove in three mausoleums in the southern region of Timbuktu and destroyed their picks and axes in an hour. All objects had once been declared World Heritage by the United Nations.

Unarmed people were too afraid to confront armed "rebels" and looked blankly at Muslims with Kalashnikovs and axes, which they were told that the worship of saints and relics is not correct — it is idolatry — the destruction was necessary because it is contrary to Islam.


I recall that in 2001 in Afghanistan were destroyed Bamiyan.
Read and watch video HERE

Infinitely sad …
Not being able to create anything, to destroy what has survived so many times and have experienced these inhuman monsters.


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